KUSF in Exile 09.19.12 3-6 PM Box of Records DJ Pete Accident

art blakey percussion ensemble -- the sacrifice
ron kuivila -- alphabet
NTU w gary bartz -- st felix street
the third eye foundation -- the out sound from way in

swamp dogg -- sam stone
marion brown -- hurry sundown
larry young -- means happiness
miles davis -- sivad

unrest -- imperial
tall dwarfs -- up (pt 2)

marj snyder -- god 
judee sill -- the kiss
patty waters -- moon, dont come up tonight

ojas -- seven levels of man

chico freeman -- autumn in new york

chris mcgregor's brotherhood of breath -- night poem

shop assistants -- its up to you
close lobsters -- firestation towers
miaow -- sport most royal

creative arts ensemble -- one step out
alan silva -- skillfullness

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