KUSF In Exile 09.10.12 7-8 PM Odoms Bottomless Pit DJ Stoo Odom

iPhone and iPad Player

Tumba Swing “Rabat” from Solo Y Mal Acompañado
Katsurei “Kakumei” from Hoshi wo Miru
Echo Twin “Night and Day” from All of the Red Local
Outer Space Heaters “Space Cowboy” from PDX A-Go-Go
JFA “The Day Walt Disney Died” from JFA
Boxcar Satan “Fade Out” from Trouble All Its Own (Rock, 2008) on Dogfingers Recordings
Chef Menteur “Pointu” from We Await Silent Tristero's Empire (2005) on Backporch Revolution

INTERVIEW: CARL WATSON, author, Backwards the Drowned Go Dreaming

The Spyrals “Save Yourself” from The Spyrals (Rock, 2012) on inside the moon
Human Toys “We Deserve It” from Eiskalt
Los Sinners “Rebelde Radioactivo” from Mas Rock and Roll

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