KUSF In Exile 09.05.12 Midnight-2 AM World of Wonder DJ Matt Davignon

iPhone and iPad Player

Richard Lerman "Promenade Version" from "Travelon Gamelon - Music for Bicycles" (1982) on Folkways Records
Tristan Perich "1-Bit Symphony: Movement 1" from "Perich: 1-Bit Symphony" (Classical, 2011) on Cantaloupe Music
Damion Romero "Bad News! Tell Ya Later!" from "Bad News! Tell Ya Later! - EP" (2006) on P-Tronix
William Basinski "Variation #9: Pantelleria" from "Variations for Piano & Tape" (2008) on 2062
Cheryl Leonard "Fable" from "Fable / a History of Insects" (2002) on Great Hoary Marmot Local
Dieter Moebius "Im Raum" from "Blotch" (2009) on Nepenthe Music & Publishing
Negativland "Then" from "Guns" (1992) on Seeland Local
Alog "Catch That Totem!" from "Catch That Totem!" (2005) on Melektronikk
Lichens "Shoreline Scoring" from "The Psychic Nature of Being" (2005) on kranky
Kreidler "European Grey" from "Mosaik 2014" (2009) on Italic
Seefeel "Airless" from "Seefeel" (2010) on Warp Records
The Upsetters "Fever Grass Dub" from "Blackboard Jungle Dub" (2002)
Huntsville "For Flowers, Cars and Merry Wars" from "For Flowers, Cars and Merry Wars" (Rock, 2011) on Hubro
Brian Eno "Web" from "Nerve Net" (1992) on All Saints
When In Rome "THE PROMISE" from "When In Rome" (CD, Album, Rock, 1988) on Virgin UK (UK) -- Played at 1/2 speed

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