KUSF In Exile 08.28.12 Midnight-3 AM Stylus Fly8 DJ D-Synthesis

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Aqua Regia "Uh, Ring Me; Bye." from "Phreak Fone EP" (12 Inch, Single, 1991) on Irdial (UK)
Ignatius "Baggage Handler" from "12"" (12 Inch, Single, 2002) on Outrecords (USA)
Soplerfo "All Around And Nothing" from "Dura Matters - comp." (LP, Comp, 2003) on Zod (USA)
Gridlock "Displaccement" from "Dura Matters - comp." (LP, Comp, 2003) on Zod (USA)
Binray "Erkward" from "Dura Matters - comp." (LP, Comp, 2003) on Zod (USA)
Ativ "Trace" from "Fields of Fire" (LP, Comp, 2002) on Miisc (USA)
Maarten & Tjeerd "101" from "Lunetten EP" (12 Inch, EP, 1997) on U-Trax (Netherlands)
Martel En Tete "Acharnismanifest" from "Martel En Tete EP" (12 Inch, EP) on MET (France)
Schloss Tegal "Oranur III" from "Oranur III -"The Third Report"" (LP, 1995) on Artware Audio (Germany)
Juantrip "Lola's Playground" from "Interstone - EP" (12 Inch, EP, 1996) on F Communications (France)
Magas "Into The Void" from "Friends Forever" (LP, 2003) on Ersatz Audio (USA)
Hong Kong Syndikat "Berlin" from "Berlin" (12 Inch, Single, 1984) on Teldec (Germany)
Leather Nun "No Rule" from "Backlash OST - comp.." (LP, Comp, 1985) on Criminal Damage (UK)
Mark Stewart + Maffia "Survivalist" from "Mark Stewart + Maffia" (LP, Album, Other, 1986) on Upside (USA)
Dwarf Electro "Head Rest" from "Head Rest" (12 Inch, Single, 1996) on Casualty (UK)
Silicon Scally "Bioroid" from "Bioroid" (2006) on Satamile
In the Nursery "Huntdown" from "Twins" (LP, 1986) on Sweatbox (UK)
Takeshi Muto "Irregular" from "Swollen Glance EP" (12 Inch, EP, 1999) on Schematic (USA)
Cabaret Voltaire "Neuron Factory" from "Plasticity" (LP, Album, Other, 1994) on Flurex (UK)
Archigram Vs. Nin "Ninagram" from "Ninagram" (12 Inch, Comp, 2007) on Refuge (Germany)
Freshly Wrapped Candies "Cherry Tomato" from "I Like You" (LP, 1989) on ralph (USA)
Cop Shoot Cop "Disconnected 666" from "Consumer Revolt" (LP, 1990) on Circuit (USA)
James White "Ellis Island" from "Ellis Island" (12 Inch, EP, 2003) on Creme Eclipse (Holland)
Atomic "F13" from "Spirit Of Beige Vol. 1 - comp." (12 Inch, Comp, 1999) on Beige (USA)
Davie Allan & Arrows "Theme From The Unknown" from "Blues Theme" (LP, 1966) on Tower (USA)
Gil Trythall "EchoSpace" from "Luxikon II / Echospace" (LP, 1980) on Pandora (USA)
Shittmat "Argos" from "The Lesser Spotted Burberry - EP" (12 Inch, EP, 2005) on Planet Mu (UK)

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