KUSF In Exile 08.25.12 2-4 PM Roll Call DJ Margaret Tedesco

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Roll Call: Bay Area Arts and Culture
Perfect Target: Mutants
Naum Gabo: U-J3RK5
We Are The One: The Avengers
Substandard Film: La Loora
In The Dark: Romeo Void
Psychotic Louie Louie: 39 Clocks
Spoken by Stephanie from Marseille, Yes I Do: Chicks On Speed
Fussgangerzone: Carambolage
I Believe In Me: The Avengers
Typical Girls: Slits
In San Francisco: Tuxedomoon
Everything You Want: Tuxedomoon
Paint It Black: The Avengers
Myself To Myself: Romeo Void
Lines: Noh Mercy
Under The Big Black Sun: X
Sexboy (feat. The Mae-Shi & Paul Roessler): The Screamers
Dive: Bauhaus
My Way: Sex Pistols
I Wanna Be Free: The Monkees

Dj Margaret is joined in conversation with STEVEN WOLF, Steven Wolf Fine Arts, a space that exhibits contemporary art in the Mission/Potrero Hill neighborhood of San Francisco. Current group exhibition, Wall of Sound with artists David J. Haskins, Exene Cervenka, Penelope Houston, Tomata Du Plenty, V. Vale, Monte Cazazza, Matt Heckert, Raymond Pettibon, J.C. Garret, Fayette Hauser, and V. Vale and Marian Wallace, on view through 8 September.

STEVEN WOLF is an independent curator, writer and gallerist based in San Francisco. He was a newspaper reporter and a private dealer specializing in 20th century art before opening Steven Wolf Fine Arts in 2004 in 49 Geary, downtown San Francisco, now located on 19th St. in the Mission/Potrero Hill neighborhood. The gallery exhibits post war and contemporary art in all media, publishes catalogues and artist books. Steven Wolf intermittently posts a blog called theoffbrand.com in which he writes about the junk he finds at the flea market and SFMOMA Open Space Blog.

(Notes on the exhibition)
The rise of punk rock in the 1970s provoked an explosion of collage-based visual art. A new generation of rebels reworked dada aesthetics in the design of flyers, zines and studio art. Some of the most interesting work was done by the musicians themselves. The bridge that formed between music and visual art inaugurated a hybridity now common in studio practice where art history shares equal space with movies, music and television as source material for artists. This show will revisit that time, focusing exclusively on the west coast, and take pleasure in the diversity of approaches and styles. There will be work in the show by artists who are better known as musicians, and by musicians who are better known as artists. We will replay the moment when artists circled back to an earlier aesthetic only to open a futuristic mindset.

San Francisco, 1979—“No answering machines. No computers. No internet. No cordless phones (much less cell phones). No color Xerox. Only DayGlo colored paper for posters. Graphics meticulously cut and pasted out of magazines, newspapers, or clear plastic rub-on letters. All Super 8 movies on film or the new ‘video’ were very expensive to process and you needed to be rich or have access to a school to use the equipment. All photography was either Polaroid or else you needed to have access to a darkroom. “We communicated with posters on telephone poles, sympathetic radio stations, and word of mouth. We visited each other’s homes to draw, paint, and listen to records. We wrote and received letters sent through the mail. We discussed politics, art, music, and philosophy in person.” —Esmerelda, Noh Mercy, a band formed in San Francisco in 1977. NOH MERCY was comprised of two women: Esmerelda and Tony Hotel. The band’s motto was “No Boys On Guitars” as a reaction against male-dominated rock ‘n’ roll. (www.superiorviaduct.com)

A reading by Steven Wolf—The True Dealer Helps the World By Revealing Mystic Truths, an essay written for SFMOMA’s The Living Room, a salon-style event for the Stein’s Collect exhibition in June 2011. 21 Bay Area luminaries were invited to tell their personal recollections witnessing moments in Bay Area avant-garde histories.

For more information on STEVEN WOLF
Steven Wolf Fine Arts: stevenwolffinearts.com
2747A 19th Street, San Francisco, 94110
Wed–Fri 10:30-5:30; Sat 11:00-5:00, and by appointment

SFMOMA’s Open Space blog: blog.sfmoma.org/authors/columnists/steven-wolf/

March 30–June 24, 2012. MCA Denver, Co-curated by Steven Wolf and Adam Lerner

San Francisco Art Institute Library: Librarian Jeff Gunderson to view the archives
V. Vale’s RESEARCH: www.researchpubs.com

GOTEBLUD: goteblud.livejournal.com Matt Wobensmith’s space in the Mission. Zines, comics, DIY, and/or underground culture, located in the old New College building on Valencia Street, San Francisco. Reminiscent of San Francisco’s Epicenter Zone, a punk space Matt worked at in the 90s.

Superior Viaduct Records www.superiorviaduct.com

Penelope Houston
Fayette Hauser
Raymond Pettibon
Exene Cervenka
Tomata Du Plenty
David J. Haskins

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