KUSF In Exile 08.21.12 Midnight-3 AM Stylus Fly8 DJ D-Synthesis

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The Freakazoids "What Is a DJ?" from "12'" (12 Inch, Single, 2004) on ZOID (UK)
The Ventures "Out Of Limits" from "The Ventures In Space" (LP, Album, 1965) on Liberty (USA)
The End "DreamWorld" from "Introspection" (LP, 1968) on London (USA)
Gershon Kingsley And The Moog Synthesizer "Hey, Hey" from "Music To Moog To" (LP, 1967) on Audio Fidelity (USA)
Suns Of Arqa "Acid Tabla" from "Revenge of the Mozabites" (LP, World, 1979) on Rock Steady (UK)
Underpass "Event" from "Multistorey EP" (12 Inch, EP, 2009) on Urban Planning (UK)
Comateens "Pictures on a String" from "Pictures On A String" (12 Inch, Single, Other, 1983) on Virgin (UK)
John Carpenter in Association with Alan Howarth "Still He Kills" from "Halloween II O.S.T." (LP, 1981) on Varesse Sarabande (USA)
Ascii Disko "Dirty Filthy" from "Bliss EP" (12 Inch, EP, 2008) on Lado (Germany)
Pyrolator "Inland 3" from "Inland" (LP, Album, Other, 1979) on Atatak (Germany)
G.G.F.H. "Room 213" from "Reality" (12 Inch, EP, 1992) on Dreamtime (UK)
Posthuman "Kitchen" from "EP" (12 Inch, EP, 2006) on Seed (UK)
The Crawling Chaos "Trouty Hobin" from "Waqqas" (LP, 1985) on Foetus Products (UK)
Elektrosmog "Enter the Dragon (Robot-Attack-Mix-2000)" from "Swiss Invader - EP" (2001) on Djax-Up-Beats
Cybernetic Broadcasting System "CBS" from "CBS" (12 Inch, Single, 2008) on Viewlex (Holland)
Yello "Haunted House" from "Haunted House" (12 Inch, Single, 1983) on Vertigo (Germany)
Radio Free Europe "Adada" from "Radio Free Europe" (LP, 1983) on Armageddon (UK)
Poetz "Feed Your Ears" from "split EP" (12 Inch, EP, 2000) on City Beat (Germany)
The Folkswingers "Raga Rock" from "Raga Rock" (LP, 1967) on World Pacific (USA)
Dick Hyman "Kolumbo" from "Moog The Electric Eclectics of Dick Hyman" (LP, Album, Private, 1969) on Moog
Fluke "Setback" from "Risotto" (LP, 1996) on Circa (UK)
Jega "Static, Post Mid Arc, Motion Math, Subdivision Surfaces" from "Geometry" (LP, 2000) on Planet Mu
Szostek "Electronic Personae" from "Multiples EP" (12 Inch, EP, 1998) on Serottinen (USA)
Der Plan "Geri Reig" from "Geri Reig" (LP, Single, 1980) on Atatak (Germany)
Alexander Robotnick "In the Krypta 2" from "Krypta 1982 (Rare Robotnicks), Pt. 2" (LP, 2005) on Creme Organization (Holland)
Martin Rev "Mari, Baby Oh Baby, Nineteen 86" from "Martin Rev" (LP, 1979) on Lust Unlust (USA)

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