KUSF In Exile 08.21.12 3-6 AM Innerworld DJ Post Pink

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(1:45) Mr Curigula Pongle "Post-Pink Theme"
(3:24) Cardiacs "Anything I Can't Eat" from "Heaven Born and Ever Bright"
(6:55) Cabaret Voltaire "Red Mask" from "Red Mecca"
(2:52) Joy Division "Incubation" from "Substance"
(4:06) Front 242 "Rhythm of Time" from "Tyranny (For You)"
(5:13) Microstoria "Fakeshift" from "Model 3, Step 2"
(7:19) Shalmaneser "Reconstruction of Settlement At Dolni Vestonice" from "Feature Wars"
(4:42) Lucio Menegon "The Descent of the Alchemist" from "Sonic Demons"
(3:08) T.D. Skatchit & Company "Skatch Surveillance (feat. Jonathan Segel)" from "Skatch Surveillance"
(16:48) Tangerine Dream "Phaedra" from "Phaedra"
(9:31) ALIAS Chamber Ensemble, Gabriela Lena Frank & Matt Walker "Adagio para Amantani" from "Frank: Hilo; Danza de los Saqsampillos; Adagio para Amantani; Quijotadas"
(11:37) Tom Djll "September 10 + 10" from "Spectral Parade"
(2:02) William D Drake "The Rising of the Lights" from "The Rising of the Lights"
(4:43) Grex "Be Jelly" from "Second Marriage: A Very Long Engagement"
(10:09) Stellamara "Odam Kireç" from "The Golden Thread"
(7:19) Sheila Chandra "ABoneCroneDrone 5" from "ABoneCroneDrone"
(6:58) Rajna "Traoma" from "Black Tears"
(4:12) Portishead "Mourning Air" from "Portishead"
(6:32) Matthias Ziegler "BallAde" from "Uakti: New Music For Flute"
(5:50) Yma Sumac "Taita Inti" from "Recital"
(5:20) Aurora Josephson "Imaginary Paintings / Imaginary Frames" from "Cruxes"
(4:11) Bettie Serveert "Totally Freaked Out" from "Lamprey"
(5:09) Hot Rod "Tough" from "SpeedDangerDeath"
(8:39) Knifeworld "Me to the Future of You" from "Buried Alone: Tales of Crushing Defeat"
(3:50) Lackadaisy "Fisherman's Shadow" from "Still Life"
(6:06) Slowdive "Spanish Air" from "Just for a Day"
(4:27) Lush "Tiny Smiles" from "Spooky"
(4:18) Oceansize "I Am The Morning" from "Effloresce"
(1:45) Mr Curigula Pongle "Post-Pink Theme"

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