KUSF In Exile 08.18.12 8-9 AM Double Mocha DJ Junglebook

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Double Mocha
Episode #8
August 18

Julie London / "Cry Me a River"

Robin Trower / "Bridge of Sighs"

Baldo Rex (Colorado Edition) / "Somethin' Tore Through Chicago"

George Jones / "He Stopped Loving Her Today"

Dave Flores / "Cryin' Shame"

Juliana Hatfield & Evan Dando / "It's a Shame About Ray" {live}

Keith / "98.6"

Swingle Singers / "William Tell Overture" {under back-announce}

Rich Ferguson / "I've Been Thinking About Self-Employment"

Judy Clay / "You Busted My Mind"

Jim "The Germ" Smith vs. The Genuine Diamelles / "KUSF Promo Spots"

The Colds (featuring Bojo Kungle) / "Sexy Song" {unauthorized Roadmaster Mix}

Eric Lindell / "Matrimony"

Doobie Brothers / "Eyes of Silver"

Miranda Lambert / "Mama's Broken Heart""

Your Parents / "First I Look at the Purse" {live in Broad Ripple}

Please send your chicken humor to chickenhumor@gmail.com.

Louis Jordan / "Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens"

Kelis (featuring David Guetta) / "Acapella"

Daddy Maxfield / "Rave and Rock"

Goddard High School Stage Band / "Fire" {under back-announce}

My show is called Double Mocha, because it goes from slow and sleepy at 8 a.m. to moving and jittery by 9, every Saturday morning. It's strong and stimulating, but still sweet. It's extremely freeform, though it's mostly 20th Century music, from the 20s to the 90s. Also featured are artists and songs associated with San Francisco and California, drawing not only on official recordings, but also from my own deep stash of demo tapes, rehearsal and live recordings, plus all kinds of other sounds, voices, noises and audio environments from the past 100 years. With your host, DJ Junglebook.

p.s. - You can even follow me on Pinterest! http://pinterest.com/halfbeat/ And if that's just not enough Junglebook, I also program a tiny online TV station called www.HalfBeat.com , with three channels spinning out tons of entertainment without your having to lift a finger.

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