KUSF In Exile 08.03.12 3-4 PM Hook or Crook DJ Chris O

The Hook or Crook Radio Hour is 60 minutes of digitized air where the odd and the outre suck face with the pure crystallized godhead of rock n roll, country, RnB and more from the 1930s to today.

iPhone and iPad Player

1. Hawkwind Show- Monoshock
2. Malaguena- Ritchie Valens
3. bun- Deviants
4. Rub Me Until My Love Comes Down- Robert Pete Williams
5. It Ain't Nobody's Business- Mississippi John Hurt
6. The Bottom of the Bottle- Porter Wagoner
7. Little Miss Sunshine (Little Miss Rain)- Lee Hazlewood
8. If You Love My Woman- Jim Winter
9. I Ain't Drunk- Lonnie The Cat
10. Day of hate- fungus brains
11. Rocket Music On- Mike Rep & the Quotas
12. Green Fuz- 2:09 The Cramps
13. Here's A Heart- The Lyres
14. Satan's Stomp- The Flesh Eaters
15. Creeping Coastline Of Lights- The Leaving Trains
16. farenheit 192 degrees- Honolulu Mountain Daffodils
17. I Get Hard- Country Teasers
18. This is My Happy Hour (Rubber Never Sleeps version)- Scientists
19. Heart Of Stone- The Rolling Stones
20. She's A Flirt- The Jewels
21. Just Out of Reach - The Zombies

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