KUSF In Exile 07.25.12 Midnight-2 AM World of Wonder DJ Matt Davignon

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Each week, the World of Wonder brings you a wide variety of music from
different genres, focusing on fascinating sounds. Local drum-machinist
Matt Davignon hosts, with occasional guest hosts from the Bay Area
experimental music scene.

0:00:00) Opening Chimes / hello
0:00:44) The Residents "Serenade for Missy" from "The Tunes of Two Cities", 1982
0:03:55) Tony Allen "Black Voices" from "Black Voices", 1999
0:11:10) That Hideous Strength "I wanna take all te sadness and use it
to give me strength like megatron" from
http://http://soundcloud.com/that-hideous-strength, 2012
0:24:26) announcements
0:25:51) Humcrush "Seersucker" from "Hornswoggle", 2006
0:32:47) Oval "(untitled)" from "OvalProcess", 2000
0:36:05) Sult "Bkra" from "Bark", 2012
0:38:57) Ikue Mori "Conflict" from "Myrninerest", 2005
0:42:42) Front 242 "Principles" from "Geography", 1982
0:47:20) Thonghuad Faited "Ruammit" from "Diew Sor Isan - The North
East Thai Violin of Thonghuad Faited", 2012
0:50:44) Announcements
& Rapoon "The Sky Was Blue" from "My Life as a Ghost", 2004
0:58:58) Blue Water White Death "Song for the Greater Jihad" from
"Blue Water White Death"
1:05:33) Announcements
1:06:15) live drum machine set (Matt Davignon)
1:36:28) Announcements
1:36:47) Psychic TV "Papal Breakdance" from "Mr. Alien Brain vs The
Skinwalkers", 2008?
1:42:59) The Roger Tubesound Ensemble "Interchangeable Intervals" from
"Plays Just Notes", 2002
1:49:26) Thwhldh Rhdda "Ab Teqay Qerhbi" from "Ethiopiques Vol. 5:
Tigrigna Music"
1:52:53) Tsehaytu Beraki "Lale Bola" from "Selam", 2004
1:58:11) goodbye

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