KUSF in Exile 07.25.12 3-6 PM Box of Records DJ Pete Accident

iPhone and iPad Player

francis bebey -- black tears
dorothy ashby -- flighty
augustus pablo -- chant to king selassie i

dennis gonzalez -- oasi
grachan moncur III -- thandiwa

andrew hill trio -- andrew
marion williams -- i shall be released
shuggie otis -- strawberry letter 23

the descendants of mike and phoebe -- two songs for a baby named mark
ernie krivda -- la festival
the velvet underground -- new age
thomas leer and robert rental -- perpetual

buddy terry -- paranoia
bobby brown -- hawaii

sun ra -- discipline
black grass -- going down to the river

bill lewis and khan jamal -- as salim
bobby hutcherson -- verse
terry plumeri -- dayspring america

simon h fell -- the shirt is fabulous (for pete)
theatre of hate -- 63
total control -- the hammer
ornette coleman -- moon inhabitants
david van tieghem -- number one/hunted animals/men's line

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