KUSF In Exile 07.25.12 3-6 AM 360 Sound Show DJ Richard White

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Here's four tracks from Clara Engel's 2009 album, Secret Beasts:

"Break In The Sun"
"Ghost Opera"
"Old Fashioned Love"
"Angelus Bells"

Next up, it's four tracks from Dirty Projectors' brand newest, Swing
Lo Magellan:

"Offspring Are Blank"
"Just From Chevron"
"Maybe That Was It"
"The Socialites"

Then, from Glasgow, it's Two Wings, featuring Ben Reynolds, with
tracks from their latest, Love's Spring:

"Love's Spring"
"Altar's And Thrones"
"Just Like"

Ben Reynolds "Revolution" (2008)
Lüüp "Cream Sky" (2011)
Ödland "La joueuse de flûte" (2011)
Minko "Mrs. Magpie" (2012)
Bethany van Rijswijk "Gaia And The Shepherd" (2012)
Julia Kent "A Spire" (2011)
Maria Pugnetti "Mother's Blessing" (2011)
Atlas Sound "Modern Aquatics Nightsongs" (2011)

Richard Crandell & Bill Bartels "Boxcars" (2007)
Jack West & Curvature "Trifurcation" (1997)
Tunnels "Sunset At Uluwatu" (2009)
Kelli Rudick "No Expectations" (2007)
Mike Garrett "Keys To Life" (2011)
Sandy Bull "Carnival Jump" (1972)

Ben Reynolds "Outmospheric Arts Of The Outmosphere" (2008)
Kraftwerk "Megaherz" (1970)
"Mary St. John" (The Lickets) "The Treatment Is Done In Complete
Darkness" (2008)
Robert Fripp & Brian Eno "Swastika Girls" (1973)

Isan "Merman Sound" (2010)
Outer Space "Removing A Hex" (2010)
Tom Recchion "Infancy In The Water" (1996)
Sébastien Roux "The Guitar And Drums Song" (2005)
Copy "It Could Have Been More" (2010)
Thom Zephyr Roach "Row Seven" (2005)

Ben Woods "Your Footprints, My Shadow" (2010)
Svarte Greiner "Halves" (2011)
Rio En Medio "Venus Of Willendorf" (2008)

Greg Davis "Sleep Architecture" (2008)

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