KUSF In Exile 07.20.12 9-Noon Guest Jennifer Maerz Sleeves On Hearts DJ Irwin

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Guest Jennifer Maerz Sleeves On Hearts DJ Irwin

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sleeves on hearts (Music) with Irwin 07/20/2012 09:00AM to 12:00PM

Cerrone "In The Smoke" from "Supernature" (CD, 1977)
Seefeel "When Face Was Face (Isan Remix)" from "Warp Remixes [Disc 1]" (1995) on warp (UK)
Schema "Getting Smart" from "Schema - EP" (12 Inch, 2000) on Kill Rock Stars (USA)
Jean-Michel Jarre "Apregiator" from "The Concerts In China" (CD, 1982)
Boy George "I Specialize In Loneliness" from "The Martyr Mantras" (CD, 1991)
Sylvia "Mirage" from "Just Sylvia" (LP, 1981) on RCA (Germany)
Damon Albarn "Apple Carts" from "Dr Dee" (CD, 2012) on EMI UK (UK) New
Roberta Flack "THE FIRST TIME EVER I SAW YOUR FACE" from "First Take" (LP, 1969) on Atlantic (USA)
Alice Coltrane "Govinda Jai Jai" from "Radha-Krsna Nama Sankirtana" (LP, Jazz, 1977) on Wounded Bird
Erykah Badu "DANGER" from "Worldwide Underground" (CD, 2003) on Motown
Shocky Shay "Your Man's Alright (Shocky Shay's mix)" from "Your Man's Alright" (12 Inch, 1989) on Orpheus
Santigold "BIG MOUTH" from "Master of My Make-Believe" (CD, 2012) on Atlantic Records UK New
Roska "Energy (ft. Nikki)" from "Rinse Presents Roska" (CD, 2010) on Rinse
Ms. Melodie "Remember When" from "Diva" (MP3, 1989)
Mudhoney "You Got It (Keep It Outta My Face) [Remastered]" from "Superfuzz Bigmuff" (1989) on Sub Pop Records
Nick Lowe "(I Love The Sound Of) Breaking Glass" from "Pure Pop For Now People" (LP, Album, Private, 1977) on Stiff (UK)
Paul McCartney "Temporary Secretary" from "McCartney II" (LP, Album, Private, 1980) on Capitol (USA)
Devo "Wiggly World" from "Duty Now for the Future" (LP, 1979) on Warner Bros.
Ikonika "Catch Vibes" from "I Make Lists" (CD, 2012)
The Heptones & Sound Dimensions "GIve Me This Version" from "GIve Me This Version" (CD, Single)
Mariah Carey "CLown" from "Charmbraclet" (CD)
Paula Frazer "On The Way Back Home" from "In A Cloud 2" (LP, 2012) New
Pink Films "Thats All" from "Thats All" (MP3, Single, 2012) New
Bare Wires "The Right Time" from "Castle Face Group Flex" (Other, 2011)
The Intelligence "Little Town Flirt" from "Everybody's Got It Easy But Me" (LP, 2012) on In The Red (USA) New
Ty Segall Band "Tell Me What's Inside Your Heart" from "Slaughterhouse" (CD, 2012) on In The Red (USA) Local, New
Assemble Head In Sunburst Sound "(Gone) 'Round the Corner" from "Manzanita" (2012) on Tee Pee Records Local, New
Lumerians "Untitled 2" from "Transmissions From the Telos Vol. IV" (2012) on Permanent Records Local, New
Matt Baldwin "..." from "..." (Single, 2008) on American Dust
Barn Owl "Visions In Dust" from "Ancestral Star" (2010) on Thrill Jockey
Date Palms "Honey Devash (excerpt)" from "honey devash" (LP, Album, Rock, 2011) on Mexican Summer Local

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