KUSF In Exile 07.11.12 3-6 AM 360 Sound Show DJ Richard White

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Sopwith Camel "Hello Hello" (1967)
Butch Engle & Styx "Hey, I'm Lost" (1967)
Joyride "Crystal Ship" (1967)
The Mojo Men "Sit Down I Think I Love You" (1967)
The Rainy Daze "For What It's Worth" (1967)
Buffalo Springfield "Expecting To Fly" (1967)
Indian Puddin' & Pipe "Hashish" (1968)
Mom's Boys "Up And Down" (1967)
The Serpent Power "Up And Down" (1967)
Blues Project "Fly Away" (1966)
Van Morrison "Goodbye Baby (Baby Goodbye)" (1967)

Bridget St. John "Hello Again (Of Course)" (1969)
The Sallyangie "The Murder Of The Children Of San Francisco" (1968)
Gryphon "The Unquiet Grave" (1973)
Mr. Fox "The Gay Goshawk" (1970)
The Incredible String Band "Way Back In The 1960's" (1967)
Trader Horne "In My Loneliness" (1970)
Fairport Convention "Decameron" (1968)
Roy Harper "Goodbye" (1969)

The Carter Family "Hello Stranger" (1937)
Dick Justice "Henry Lee" (1929)
Nelstone's Hawaiians "Fatal Flower Garden" (1929)
Clarence Ashley "The House Carpenter" (1930)
Coley Jones "Drunkard's Special" (1929)
Bill & Belle Reed "Old Lady & The Devil" (1928)
Buell Kazee "The Butcher's Boy" & "The Wagoner's Lad" (both 1928)
Bradley Kincaid "Dog And Gun (An Old English Ballad) (1934)
Arthur Smith Trio "Adieu False Heart" (1938)

Leadbelly "Hello Central, Give Me Long Distance Phone" (1949)
Bukka White "I Am In The Heavenly Way" (1930)
Blind Lemon Jefferson "Prison Cell Blues" (1928)
Richard "Rabbit" Brown "James Alley Blues" (1927)
Sleepy John Estes & Yank Rachell "Expressman Blues" (1930)
Robert Johnson "Me And The Devil Blues" (1937)
Son House "Dry Spell Blues Pt. 2" (1930)
Robert "Barbecue Bob" Hicks "Mississippi Heavy Water Blues" (1927)
Mississippi Joe Callicott "Goodbye Baby Blues" (1967)

Larkin Grimm "Hello Pool Of Tears" (2012)
Ezza Rose "Blue Sheets" (2011)
The Crooked Jades "Love Creek" (2003)
Dennison Witmer "I Live In Your Ghost" (2012)
Momentary Prophets "Drawing The White" (2010)
Sea Of Bees "More" (2012)
Sharon Van Etten "Much More Than That" (2009)
Luke Temple "To All My Friends, Goodbye" (2005)
The Beatles "Hello Goodbye" (1967)

Bunky & Jake "Cheerio" (1968)

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