KUSF In Exile 07.10.12 9-Noon Radiodrome DJ Schmeejay

Visceral Cinematic Radio

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RADIODROME (Music) with dj schmeejay 07/10/2012 09:00AM to 12:00PM

Tangerine Dream "Igneous" from "Thief" on Virgin UK
Ambrosia "Shape I'm In" from "Slow 45" on WB
Beak> "Battery Point" from "Beak>" on Ipecac Recordings
Ambrosia "You're The Only Woman" from "Slow 45" on WB
Bix Beiderbecke "Lovable" from "Bix Beiderbecke On 1926-30 Records Vol. 2" on Divergent
White Hills "Song Of Everything" from "Frying on this Rock (Deluxe Version)" on Thrill Jockey
The Beau Brummels "More Than Happy" from "All Time Greatest Hits" on Rhino
Boards of Canada "ZOETROPE (Slow 45 Version)" from "In a Beautiful Place Out In the Country - EP" on Warp Records
Joni Mitchell "You Turn Me On I'm a Radio" from "Slow 45" on Asylum
Tennesee Ernie Ford and The Jordinairres "No Tears in Heaven" from "A Friend We Have" on Capitol
Filmstrip Record "Flight In" from "My Auca Friends" on Jaars
Tindersticks "Black Smoke" from "Falling Down a Mountain" on Constellation
Pan Sonic "Tela" from "Vakio" on Blast First
Cliff Richard "DEVIL WOMAN" from "Slow 45" on MCA
Slicing Grandpa "From Nothing Comes Nothing" from "Le Hardcore" on S/R
Colin Andrew Sheffield "Side One" from "2 Songs - Single" on Elevator Bath
Sandy Ewen, Damon Smith & Weasel Walter "Untitled (Pt. 8)" from "UNTITLED" on ugEXPLODE
Paul McCartney "Take It Away" from "Tug of War" on Capitol
Duke Ellington and His Orchestra & Joya Sherrill "Long, Strong and Consecutive" from "Black, Brown and Beige" on RCA
Angel "Telephone Exchange" from "On Earth As It Is In Heaven" on Casablanca
Hot Guitars "Gamelan Sausage" from "Hot Guitars" on Kevyt Nostalgia
Robert Wyatt & Bertrand Burgalat "This Summer Night (Hot Chip Mix)" from "This Summer Night - Single" on Domino Records
Foot Village "Egypt" from "F*ck the Future" on Deathbomb Arc
Mindphaseone "Track 7" from "Future Perfect" on Ultramodern
Sonny & Cher "Somebody" from "Single" on Kapp
Brigitte Fontaine "Blanche Neige" from "Brigitte Fontaine est. . ." on Saravah
James Taylor "Handyman" from "Slow 45" on Epic
Giorgio Moroder "CHASE" from "Midnight Express (12" Single)" on Casablanca Records
Snakefinger's Vestal Virgins "There's no Justice in Life" from "Single" on ralph

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