KUSF In Exile 07.03.12 Noon-3 PM Carolyn

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Carolyn (Music) with Carolyn 07/03/2012 12:00PM to 03:00PM

12:02PM The Skinnies “Out Of Order” from Out Of Order (7 Inch, Single, 1979) on Rave Up

12:05PM Testors “Time Is Mine\” from Together / Time Is Mine - Single (7 Inch, Rock, 2012) on Windian Records New

12:05PM The Adverts “Bored Teenagers (Single Version)” from Gary Gilmores' Eyes b/w Bored Teenagers (7 Inch, 1977) on Anchor

12:07PM Crime “FRUSTRATION” from San Francisco's Doomed (LP, 1990) on Solar Lodge

12:10PM Pussy Galore “Constant Pain/ Car Fantasy” from Feel Good About Your Body EP (7 Inch, 2012) on Shove! New

12:13PM Monoshock “Tom Guido Philosophically Stoogely” from Walk to the Fire (LP, 1995) on Blackjack Local

12:16PM Strip Kings “Lightning Breed” from Lightning Breed b/w Slow Panic (7 Inch) on In The Red (USA)

12:19PM Timmy's Organism “Drunken Man” from Raw Sewage Roq (LP, 2012) on In The Red (USA) New

12:27PM Vex Ruffin “I'm Creative” from Crash Course EP (12 Inch, Rock, 2011) on Stones Throw (USA)

12:30PM Shitty Limits “Messin' With The Kid” from Straight Forward b/w Messin' With The Kid (7 Inch, 2011) on La Vida Es Un Mus Discos

12:32PM Kicks “The Secret” from The Secret b/w The Return of the Action Men (7 Inch, 2012) on Shake Music New

12:35PM The Trashmen “Church Key” from split with The Wailers (7 Inch, 1999) on Sundazed

12:38PM The Ugly Ducklings “Nothin'” from Nothin' - Single (7 Inch, Rock, 2011) on FREEWAY RECORDS

12:40PM Ben Gibbard “Friends In the City” from Rated G.G. (7 Inch, 2012) on Best Show On WFMU New

12:46PM The Intelligence “Reading and Writing About Partying” from Everybody's Got It Easy But Me (LP, 2012) on In The Red (USA) New

12:49PM Evans The Death “Bo Diddley” from Evans The Death (LP, 2012) on Slumberland (USA) New

12:52PM The Avengers “Thin White Line” from Paint It Black b/w Thin White Line (7 Inch, 2012) on Superior Viaduct New

12:55PM Los Culitos “En Cuatro Patas” from Un Año Sin Verte EP (7 Inch, 2012) on Teosto New

01:00PM The Limit “Modern Girl” from The Limit (LP, Rock, 2012) on Cheap Rewards New

01:02PM Swiftumz “More Than Sleep” from Don't Trip (LP, Rock, 2011) on Holy Mountain Local

01:05PM T Tex Edwards “Baby's Got A Gun” from Intexicated! (CD, 2012) on Saustex New

01:08PM Gentleman Jesse “You Give Me Shivers” from Leaving Atlanta (LP, 2012) on Douchemaster New

01:09PM Veronica Falls “My Heart Beats” from My Heart Beats - Single (7 Inch, 2012) on Slumberland (USA) New

01:12PM Ty Segall Band “Wave Goodbye” from Slaughterhouse (CD, 2012) on In The Red (USA) Local, New

01:16PM Squish “Rabies Is A Killer” from Shame Spiral EP (7 Inch, 2012) on Hozac New

01:19PM The Sleaze “Retro sexy in blue” from Called You Once (7 Inch, 2011) on Total Punk

01:22PM Terry Malts “I DO” from Killing Time (LP, 2012) on Slumberland (USA) Local, New

01:25PM Frustrations “The Drill” from Negative Reflections (LP, 2011) on X! Records

01:28PM Teengenerate “DO YOU WANNA KNOW?” from Wild Wild Teengenerate (7 Inch, 1995) on Wild Wild Records

01:30PM Little Queenie “I'm Going Stag” from live at Stork Club (Other, 2011) on Lemon Sessions Local

01:33PM The Reactions “Saturday's Gone Wild” from Saturday's Gone Wild (LP, 2012) on Cheap Rewards New

01:35PM Kids Of Zoo “Blackscratch” from Everything's Cool (Debut LP) (LP, 2012) on Adagio

01:37PM Wooly Bullies “WAITING FOR YOU” from split with Bad Trouble (7 Inch, 2012) on Fone Records New

01:45PM The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion “Gadzooks!” from Gadzooks! b/w Tell Me That You Love Me (7 Inch, 2012) on In The Red (USA) New

01:47PM The Dirtbombs “Possession” from Dangerous Magical Noise (LP, 2003) on In The Red (USA)

01:50PM Cheater Slicks “Used Illusions” from Forgive Thee (CD, 1997) on In The Red (USA)

01:54PM The Turbines “I Get Excited” from Nobody Gets On The Guest-List! (LP, 1984) on Throbbing Lobster

01:57PM The Alan Milman Sect “Stitches In My Head” from Teen Tour EP (7 Inch, 1977) on Bag Of Hammer

01:59PM Normal Love “Lend Some Treats” from Survival Tricks (CD, Rock, 2012) on Ugexplode/Public Eyesore New

02:03PM Mrs. Magician “NIGHTLIFE” from Strange Heaven (LP, 2012) on Swami New

02:11PM The Hookers “Out Of My Head” from split with White Barons (7 Inch, 2012) New

02:15PM The Silver “Do You Wanna Dance?” from Pop Con (7 Inch, 2004) — originally from 1980

02:17PM The Dream Dates “Moans On The Phone” from Moans On The Phone b/w Heartattack Rhythm (7 Inch, 1977) on Ugly Pop

02:20PM The Insults “Stupid Words” from Insults To Injury (LP) on Brain Transplant

02:22PM Whatever Brains “Marquee Warfare” from Whatever Brains (2012) (LP, 2012) on Sorry State Records New

02:27PM Rangers “Sacred Cows” from Pan Am Stories (CD, 2011) on Not Not Fun

02:32PM Cheap Time “Witches in Stock” from Wallpaper Music (LP, 2012) on In The Red (USA) New

02:38PM Images “Caught Me Off Guard” from Thought Patterns EP (7 Inch, 2012) New

02:41PM Prime Movers “See That Girl” from Let's Breed! Part Two of the Throbbing Lobster Saga (LP, 1984) on Throbbing Lobster — RIP Jeff Sugarman

02:43PM The Professionals “1-2-3” from 1-2-3 b/w (7 Inch, 1980) on Virgin UK (UK)

02:46PM The Outlets “Not Too Late” from Not Too Late (LP, Single, 1984) on Throbbing Lobster

02:49PM Frankie Rose “INTERSTELLAR” from Interstellar (CD, Album, Private, 2012) on Slumberland (USA) New

02:53PM Family Curse “Last Days” from Julia Armant b/w Last Days (7 Inch)

02:56PM Thee Oh Sees “Heavy Doctor” from Carrion Crawler / The Dream (CD, 2011) on In The Red (USA) Local

02:59PM X “See How We Are” from See How We Are (LP, 1990) on Electra

If anyone personifies the word 'maven' it's DJ Carolyn. Her impeccable
taste in punk, garage and rock has influenced Bay Area listeners for over
two decades. A listener passionately sent in, 'she has always been the
only DJ that matters. She finds music nobody else does, and it rocks!' Her
dedication to the local scene goes beyond spinning the latest indie disc
or old-school classic, to outright mentorship of fledgling talent. Catch
her weekly show... and you'll find out why, when it comes to Bay Area
rock, you've been served." -From SF Bay Guardian who awarded Carolyn as
2006's and 2008's Best DJ: Terrestrial Radio

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