KUSF In Exile 07.01.12 10-1230 PM The Consortionist

Early Music in The Late Morning

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the consortionist (Music) with dj schmeejay 07/01/2012 10:00AM to 11:30AM

Grete Sultan "Etude #9" from "Etude Australes" on Get Back -- John Cage 1974
Pierre Froidebise "Recit et Plein jeu en re" from "French Organ Masterpiece" on Nonesuch -- Louis Marchand 17th c
Renaissance "Closer Than Yesterday" from "A Song for All Seasons" on Sire
Benedictine Monks of the Abbey Saint-Maurice and Saint-Maur of Clervaux "Responsorium: Christus resurgens" from "Salve Festa Dies: Gregorian Chants sung by the Benedictine Monks of Clervaux" on Philips -- 6th c
The Waverly Consort "Quivi sospiri" from "Italia Mia" on CBS Masterworks -- Luzzasco Luzzaschi 16thc
Shem Guibbory "Violin Phase" from "Steve Reich: Octet, Music For Large Ensemble & Violin Phase" on ECM New Series
Studio Der Fruhen Musik "Par Maintes Fois" from "Fruhe Musik" on Das Alte Werk
Focus "House Of The King" from "In and Out of Focus" on Red Bullet Productions
Stanley Taylor Consort "Sonata for 7 Recorders" from "Dulcet Pipes" on Vanguard -- Schmelzer 16th c
Emeralds "The Cycle Of Abuse" from "Does It Look Like I'm Here?" on P-VINE
Czech Philharmonic Chorus & Josef Veselka "Questra Crudele" from "Madrigals" on Supraphon -- Gesualdo 16th c
Studio Der Fruhen Musik "Quen a Virgen" from "Camino de Santiago" on Reflexe -- 13th c
Fever Ray "If I Had A Heart" from "Fever Ray" on Co-operative Music
Women of the Voices of Ascension "Vos Flores Rosarum" from "Voices of Angels" on Delos -- Hildegard von Bingen 12th c
New York Pro Musica "Riu Riu" from "Medieval Roots" on Decca -- Anon 14th c
Bill Nelson "Waiting of Voices" from "The Love That Whirls" on UMC (Universal Music Catalogue) -- 1981
New York Pro Musica "Cantiga: CLXVI" from "Medieval Roots" on Decca -- Alfonso X 14th c
Accademia Monteverdiana "Pastore Caesus" from "Music in Honor of Thomas of Canterbury" on Nonesuch -- anon 13th c
Accademia Monteverdiana "Ante Thronum" from "Music in Honor of Thomas of Canterbury" on Nonesuch -- Anon 13th c
Studio Der Fruhen Musik "Ich Trau Keinm Alten" from "Bauern, Tanz, und Strassenlieder in Deutchland" on Das Alte Werk -- Sennfl 16th c
Clemencic Consort "Oleg Tancz" from "Danses Anciennes" on harmonia mundi -- 16th c
The Hilliard Ensemble "Doleo Super Te" from "Medieval English Music (Masters of the 14th & 15th Centuries)" on harmonia mundi -- anon 14th c
The Hilliard Ensemble "Veni Sancti Sipiritus" from "John Dunstable: motets" on EMI Angel -- Dunstable
Glenn Gould "Prelude & Fugue No. 2 In C Major" from "Well Tempered Clavier" on CBS Masterworks -- Bach 16th c
Irmin Schmidt & Bruno Spoerri "Rapido De Noir" from "Ambient: A Brief History of Ambient Vol. One" on Virgin

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