KUSF In Exile 06.28.12 3-6 PM In the Music Room DJ Nathalie

iPhone and iPad Player

Esquimo songs from Alaska- Walking from Savoonga to Gambell
Memphis Slim- Arkansas road house blues
John Lurie- Car Cleveland
Big Black- Texas
Big Black- Jordan, Minnesota
The Ramones- California sun
Bo Diddley- Travelin' west
James Brown- Kansas city
Box Top- Deep in Kentucky
Tim Buckley- Tijuana moon
Butthole Surfers- Wichita cathedral
Butthole Surfers- Pittsburg to Lebanon
Jimmie Rogers- Jimmie's texas blues
Camper Van Beethoven- Cowboy from Hollywood
Duane Eddy and the Rebels- Along the Navajo trail
Jimmy Mc Criff- Discotheque USA
Charley Patton- Move to Alabama
Mance Lipscomb- Mance's St Louis blues
The Tinklers- Paul Bunyon
Die Haut- (never going back to) 5th ave
Dead Kennedys- Viva Las Vegas
The Fleshtones- The girl from Baltimore
Nancy and Lee- Jackson
Bob Dylan- Talking about NY
Telephone- NY avec toi
Gumball- Gettysburg
White Hills- Song of everything
Jimmie Haskell- Homeward Earth
Zeb Turner- Travelin' boogie
Jesus and the Mary Chain- Coast to Coast
Duke Ellington- Tuxedo Junction
Michel Potage- Occupé
Chra- Black summer blues vs II
Lydia Lunch- 3x3
Loup- Ode to S
Albert Ayler- Truth is marching in

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