KUSF In Exile 06.27.12 Midnight-2 AM World of Wonder DJ Gretchen Jude

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Gretchen is a local musician who works primarily with voice, koto and
electronics. Her duo Glou Glou will be playing at the Luggage Store
Gallery on Thursday, 6/28.

0:00:00) Opening Chimes & Announcements
0:00:30) Hikaru Sawai "Yume no Wa [Dream Circle]" from SOEMON, 2000
0:08:02) Blonde Redhead "For the Damaged" from Melody of Certain
Damaged Lemons, 2000
0:10:57) wake (aka Matthew Hettich) "tiny angels" from and the giving hand, 2009
0:16:23) Aoki Takamasa + Tujiko Noriko "Fly2" from 28, 2005
0:19:11) Kira Kira "Boat" from Skotta, 2005
0:20:59) Fe-mail "Water Music" ca. 2004
0:26:28) Genoh Yamashiro-gumi "Henyou [Metamorphosis]" from Akira
0:31:14) Mike Patton "Private Lessons on Planet Eros" from Adult
Themes for Voice, 1996
0:31:50) Tomomi Adachi "Kana" 2005
Station ID
0:37:29) Señor Coconut Y Su Conjunto "The Man-Machine" from El Baile
Aleman, 2000
0:41:54) Fezant (Zeina Nasr & Stefan Smith) "Recognize the Signs" from
Fezant 3, 2012
0:47:41) AGF "Letters Make No Meaning (Weapons No War Germs No
Disease)" from Words are Missing, 2008
0:53:28) Metamatics "What the Birds Overheard" from From Death to
Passwords When You're a Paper Airplane, 2002
0:54:43) Meredith Monk "Knee" from Our Lady of Late, 1972
0:56:05) Ami Yoshida track 57 from Tiger Thrush, 2003
0:56:16) Janet Maguire "of evident invisibles" from Lace Knots, 2003
0:58:34) Cocteau Twins "Dials" 1991
1:01:08) Jessika Kenney and Eivynd Kang “Unnamed Figures” from Aestuarium, 2005
1:08:36) The Section Quartet "Nice Dream"
1:11:56) Glou-glou (Gretchen Jude & Arjun Mendiratta) "Dreamstate"
(excerpt) 2012
1:13:39) Juana Molina "Un Beso Llega" from Son, 2006
1:20:43) Blood Wedding (Chuck Johnson & Danishta Rivero)
"Fifth…"(excerpt) from Blood Wedding, 2010
1:34:40) Eliane Radigue "Onward 38 + Backward 38" (simultaneous) from
Vice Versa, 1972
1:38:56) Encephalous (aka Carson Whitley) "theeyeshaveit" from
Postcard Composition Project, 2010
1:39:40) Mamoru Fujieda "The Third Collection, Pattern Xii" from
Patterns of Plants, 1997
Station ID
1:42:09) Alastair Galbraith "Navajo" from Mirrorwork, 1998
1:43:46) Candy Acid (Gretchen Jude & Lona Kozik) "BART Residency
Project" (excerpts) 2011
1:55:00) Stereolab "Come and Play in the Milky Night" from Cobra and
Phases Group Play Voltage in the Milky Night, 1999
1:59:30) Announcements & Closing Chimes

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