KUSF In Exile 06.27.12 3-6 AM 360 Sound Show DJ Richard White

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Here's side one of Moondog's 1971 album for Columbia simply titled Moondog 2:

"Bells Are Ringing"
"Voices Of Spring"
"What's The Most Exciting Thing"
"All Is Loneliness"
"My Tiny Butterfly"
"Why Spend A Dark Night With Me"
"Coffee Beans"
"Down Is Up"
"Be A Hobo"
"I Love You"
"Nero's Expedition"
"No, The Wheel Was Never Invented"

Aksak Maboul "Mastoul Alekfak"
"Mastoul, One Year Later"
"Comme On A Dit" (all 3 tracks from 1977)
The Gray Field Recordings "House Of A Grape" (2005)
Tower Reocrdings "Harvester" (2004)
Friends Of Leslie "Freak Show (for Mayo Thompson)" (1982)
Robert Horton "Beauty Of Decay" (2005)
Leighton Craig & Eugene Carchesio "Here I Give Thanks No. 1" (2005)
Wood And Wand (Featuring The Rose) "Death Dealer Blues" (2005)

Jasper TX "Sky" (2009)
Jason Bill & Jack Rose "You Are Not Of My People" (2000)
Skozey Fetisch "Track 08" (1995)
Gary Kail/Zurich 1916 "Unnecessary Emotional Response" (1983)

Here are eight tracks from the 1991 cassette comp. titled "Wakened By
Silence, featuring SF area industrial artists.

Waste Inc. "Problems With Disunity"
Windowpain Industries "K.D. Ladaurg"
Big City Orchestra "Schelmisch"
Allegory Chapel Ltd. "Descent Into Boston"
Homo Phlegm "Talking All That Talk And Ain't Saying Shit"
Master/Slave Relationship "Song For Susan"
Nux Vomica "Monism Part 1"
Trance "A Celebrated Occasion"

Harry Partch "And On The Seventh Day, Petals Fell In Petaluma" (1964 excerpt)

John Cage First four sonatas and interlude from Sonatas & Interludes
For Prepared Piano as played by Boris Berman (comp. 1946-48; rec'd

Ernie Fischbach & Charles Ewing "Pierced Hand Nos. 1-3" (1967)

Pentangle "Moondog" (1968)
Moondog "Moondog Monologue" (1956)

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