KUSF In Exile 06.22.12 Noon-3 PM In Quarantine DJ Stereo Steve.mp3

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oshun - rattle of life
cecil taylor - excursions on a wobbly rail

james blood ulmer - jazz is the teacher funk is the preacher
massive attack - man next door
naked city - the vault
mark-almond - the city
the jbs - gimme some more

savage republic - film noir
windy and carl - lighthouse
promenade orch & chorus - alvin's harmonica/peter gunn
black dice - trip dude delay
miles davis - go ahead john (7" version)

kanyon - hot runnin' soul
howlin' wolf - evil
the cherokee - willie and the hand jive
the gestures - run run run
love - feathered fish
red crayola - hurricane fighter plane
savage grace - ivy

wooden shjips - lazy bones
olekranon - lambghost
the heads and big naturals - invocation in 4 cycles
steve miller band - journey from eden

nyan cat song
tay zonday - chocolate rain
michael jackson - beat it
the 50 guitars of tommy garrett - quiet village
eduard khil - trololo

nick gilder - hot child in the city
caleb - baby your phrasing is bad
black flag - louie louie
punch - how nothing lasts
the answer lies - drink to forget/lungs on fire
unknown chinese record
first dog to visit the center of the earth - sleep parade pt 2
rhinoceros - it's the same thing
o terco - deus

populare mechanik - scharfer schnitt

the fireflies - you were mine

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