KUSF in Exile 06.20.12 3-6 PM Box of Records DJ Pete Accident

iPhone and iPad Player

metal mountains -- structures in the sun
the raincoats -- only loved at night
martha bass/fontella bass/david peaston -- i feel a change
archie shepp -- stick em up

grachan moncur III -- air raid

sir douglas quintet -- lawd, im just a country boy in this great big freaky city
mudwimin -- r u sleeping?
fang -- landshark!
monoshock -- model citizen (nitroglycerine)
woody shaw -- sanyas

caetano veloso -- viola, meu bem/de conversa
maggi payne -- gamelan
maurice deebank -- dance of deliverance
l'orchestre kanaga de mopti -- kulukutu
wild breed -- shimmy hunt

albert ayler -- zion hill
don cherry -- eternal rhythm (excerpt)

mark lang -- ozona/red root breakdown
john fahey -- thus krishna on the battlefield
parker/bailey/bennink -- for peter b & peter k

the leather uppers -- i dont like you (very much)/it takes money to make money
icky boyfriends -- nightshade family/she said/seal of approval
the surf raiders -- pipeline
blackjack bulb comp

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