KUSF In Exile 06.19.12 Midnight-3 AM Stylus Fly8 DJ D-Synthesis

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Stylus Flight (Music) with Dave Synth 06/19/2012 12:00AM to 03:00AM

Hawaiin Pups "Baby Judy" from "Baby Judy" (12 Inch, EP, Other, 1982) on Portrait/CBS (USA)
The Toy Dolls "James Bond Lives on My Street" from "James Bond Lives on My Street" (12 Inch, Single, 1985) on Volume (UK)
Slutmachine "Xistor" from "Slutmachine" (12 Inch, EP, 2005) on Zhork (UK)
Muzlimgauzz "?" from "?" (LP, Album) on ? (UK)
Collisionoun 7 "Brooklynese" from "Brooklynese" (12 Inch, EP) on AreUready (USA)
Spooky "Found Sound" from "Found Sound" (LP, Single, 1996) on Generic (UK)
Gabor Presser "2000 Dioptera" from "Electrommantic" (LP, 1982) on EMI UK (UK)
Konstrukt "Dis-Co" from "Dis-Co" (LP, Single) on Hammerwerk (Austria)
The Timelords (The Jams) "Gary In The Tardis" from "Gary In The Tardis" (12 Inch, Single, 1988) on KLF Communications (UK)
Zinga Linga "?" from "?" (12 Inch, Single, 2001) on Humble (UK)
Love and Rockets "This Heaven (Lost In It)" from "This Heaven - EP" (1994) on Beggars Banquet (UK)
Zomby "Where Were U in '92" from "Where Were U In '92 ?" (LP, 2012) on Cult Music
The Damned "New Rose" from "EP" (12 Inch, EP, 1977) on Stiff (UK)
The Human League "Toyota City" from "Travelogue" (LP, Album, Private, 1980) on Virgin UK (UK)
Los Straightjackets "Munsters Theme" from "Halloween Hootenannny" (LP, Comp, 1998) on Telstar (USA)
Runaways "Levitation" from "Levitation" (12 Inch, Single, 1998) on Ultimate Dilemma (UK)
Mystic Minds "Power Of The Mind" from "Mind Over Matter" (LP) on SMOA (USA)
The Grassy Knoll "Evolution #9" from "12"" (12 Inch, Single, 1994) on Netwerk (USA)
Cube & Sphere "Silberregen" from "Seperator Series" (12 Inch, EP, 1999) on Disko B (Germany)
Budgie "Hot As A Dockers Armpit" from "Squawk" (LP, Album, 1973) on Kapp (USA)
Thomas Dolby "The Devil Is An Englishman" from "Gothic Soundtrack" (LP, Album, 1987) on Virgin America (USA)
Xela "Gilted Rose" from "The Illuminated" (LP, 2008) on Dekorder (Germany)
Asmus Tiechens "Ritual Der Kranken Freude" from "Litia" (LP, 1983) on Sky (Germany)
Cumulonimbus "Portable" from "Precipitation Ep" (12 Inch, EP, 2003) on Morten Industries (UK)
Interloper "Daddy Vegas" from "Interloper - EP" (12 Inch, Single, 1996) on Plink Plonk (UK)
Anjali "Maharani I" from "12"" (12 Inch, Single, 1998) on promo (UK)
D.J. Decent "Soul Instrumental" from "The Stupiid Def EP" (12 Inch, EP, 1998) on Rennaisance Infinity (USA)
Jan Davis "Pepper Stick" from "Flemco USA" (LP) on Cambria (USA)
Akita, Azuma, Haswell, Sakatbara "Ich" from ""Self Titled"" (LP) on Mega (Germany)
Non "Storm" from "Blood & Flame" (LP, 1986) on Mute (UK)
Angela Werner "Aus Und Vorbei" from "self titled" (LP, 1981) on RCA (Germany)
Artist Unknown "Overdose" from "12"" (12 Inch, Single) on promo (UK)
Ray Buttigieg/ Cykx "Compucircuit Pase II" from "Cykx" (LP, 1981) on Cykx (USA)

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