KUSF In Exile 06.14.12 Noon-3 PM Guest Hélène Renaut In the Music Room DJ Nathalie

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Preacher- Life is a gamble
The Go-Betweens- If one thing can hold us
Camper Van Chadbourne- Evil filthy preacher
David Rostamo- Culture vulture
B.A.L.L- This is war
Sly & Robby- The good, the bad & the ugly
Lotus Eaters- (end of) Taiga 15
Anthony Quinn- Love is a headache
Faust- So far
Wire- ex lion tammer
The Mark Four- Going down fast
Del Shannon- Dream baby
Listen (Robert Plant)- you'd better run
WIRE- Mr suit
Ben Hewitt- Whirlwind blues
Joseph Racaille/Patrick Portella- Ali Baba et tous les voleurs
Silentist- Seizures-
Group Aumataff- Tinariwen
You got FOETUS on your breath- I am surrounded by incompetence
Borghesia- Previse Tenzije
Fat worm of Error- Return of the thin white dook
Axel Bartsh- Am Mauerpark
Axxess- Dancing shadows

Hélène Renaut live in studio:


Bumble Bee
Jean-Claude Vannier- Le roi des mouches
Peggy Lee- There ain't no sweet man that's worth the salt of my tears
Opal- Nothern line
Jackie De Shannon- Put a little love in your heart

Hélène Renaut- In time
- Trouble
Beach Boys- Forever
Anthony Quinn- In my own way
Buddy Holly- Maybe baby
Jean-louis Murat- L'amour qui passe
Hélène Renaut- Woman in love
- Bolinas

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