KUSF In Exile 06.02.12 2-4 PM Roll Call DJ Margaret Tedesco

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Roll Call: Bay Area Arts and Culture

Bonfire Madigan Shive, Saddle The Bridge
Rachel’s Song
To Find The Women In The Ocean
Downtrodden Up
Come Ask Her

Crooked Beauty Audio: Ken Paul Rosenthal
Selected from the film Crooked Beauty with voiceover by Jacks Ashley McNamara

Sharp Cutting Wings (Song To A Poet): Lucinda Williams, Happy Woman Blues
What We See and Do: Emily Lacy, Armor

Bonfire Madigan Shive is a visionary cellist, vocalist, composer, and community activist. Her music blends folk, art, punk, classical and avant-baroque styles. She has collaborated with many influential artists such as Neko Case, Jolie Holland, and Elliot Smith. Recent commissions include an original score composed and performed for ACT’s ‘Tis Pity She’s a Whore, London’s Barbican Hall Twisted Christmas program, and a contributor to the score of the film Crooked Beauty by filmmaker Ken Paul Rosenthal. Madigan is a contributing author to Live Through This: On Creativity and Self-Destruction, and is a founding collective member of The Icarus Project. (bonfiremadigan.com)

Dj Margaret is joined in conversation with filmmakers ALFRED HERNANDEZ and KEN PAUL ROSENTHAL on their practice and their current film projects

ALFRED HERNANDEZ, a native of the San Francisco Bay Area has been making films and videos for over thirty years. His work uses the media as a way to self-discovery and personal transformation, and to foster deeper connection. He teaches film and video making to teens and adults through TILT, and the Academy of Art University. His filmmaking practice is a source of direct healing and community building while reflecting on the changing environment of the Bay Area. His films have shown at various festivals and screenings including the Chicago International Film Festival, the New York and San Francisco Museums of Modern Art, and on PBS stations.

DRAW REVELATIONS: A Memoir of Men Monsters and Mentors is a documentary that shows the transformative power of art and creativity in a large working-class Catholic family where physical abuse was a regular occurrence and sexual abuse had gone relatively unnoticed formany years. The video takes the viewer on a journey of self-realization, both personal and political, that speaks to the restorative power of creativity inherent in human beings wishing to overcome adversity and the importance of making the tools of creativity available to young people.

KEN PAUL ROSENTHAL is an independent filmmaker, teacher and activist. He is the recipient of a SAMSHA Voice Award for his media work in mental health advocacy, and a Kodak Award for Cinematography. Ken holds an MA in Creative & Interdisciplinary Arts, and an MFA in Cinema Production. He has taught film as a means of cultivating personal vision in workshops and universities in North America and abroad. Rosenthal’s recently completed social justice documentary, Crooked Beauty, explores a new healing culture and political model for living with madness as a tool of creativity, inspiration and hope. He continues to present Crooked Beauty screening lectures and workshops in peer support networks, hospitals, universities, art schools, symposia, and jails worldwide.

CROOKED BEAUTY is a poetic documentary that chronicles artist-activist Jacks McNamara’s transformative journey from childhood abuse to psych ward inpatient to pioneering mental health advocacy. It is an intimate portrait of her intense personal quest to live with courage and dignity, and a powerful critique of standard psychiatric treatments. Poignant testimonials connect the fissures and fault lines of human nature to the unstable topography and mercurial weather patterns of the San Francisco Bay Area. Crooked Beauty reshapes mental health stigmas through a new healing culture and political model for living with madness as a tool of creativity, inspiration and hope.

Crooked Beauty contributors: Angel Vasquez: Producer; Jacks Ashley McNamara: Voice, words, artwork; Monteith McCollum: Music, sound design & performance; Bonfire Madigan Shive: Cello composition and performance

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