KUSF In Exile 05.04.12 9- Noon Sleeves On Hearts DJ Irwin

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sleeves on hearts (Music) with Irwin 05/04/2012 09:00AM to 12:00PM

09:11AM Blondes "MOONDANCE" from "Touched" (MP3, 2010) on Merok
09:23AM Cornell Cambell "On Broadway (Dub)" from "12"" (12 Inch) on Justice
09:26AM Air France "BEACH PARTY" from "No Way Down (Bonus Track Version)" (CD, 2009) on Something In Construction
09:29AM Mariah Carey "FANTASY (Bad Boy Mix)" from "Fantasy 12"" (12 Inch, 1995)
09:32AM Grace Jones "Well Well Well Dub (Dub Version)" from "Hurricane (Deluxe Edition)" (CD, 2011) on [PIAS] America
09:35AM Black Uhuru "What Is Life" from "What Is Life 12"" (12 Inch, 1983)
09:45AM Nina Simone "In The Evening By The Moonlight" from "At Newport" (LP, 1960)
09:51AM Mama Cass Elliott "Make Your Own Kind Of Music" from "Make Your Own Kind Of Music" (LP)
09:53AM Aretha Franklin "Save Me" from "I Never Loved A Man The Way I Love You" (LP, 1967)
09:56AM Destiny's Child "Loose My Breath" from "Destiny's Fufilled" (CD, 2004)
09:59AM Hercules and Love Affair "I Can't Wait" from "Blue Songs" (CD, 2011) on Co-operative Music
10:12AM Beastie Boys "All Lifestyles" from "To the 5 Boroughs" (CD, 2004) on 2004
10:15AM Death Grips "GET GOT" from "The Money Store" (MP3, 2012) New
10:18AM Beastie Boys "Car Thief" from "Paul's Boutique" (CD, Album, Hip-Hop, 1989) on Capitol Catalog
10:21AM Bruce Haack "National Anthem To The Moon" from "The Electric Lucifer" (1970) on The Omni Corporation
10:24AM Klaus Doldinger "Moonchild" from "The Never Ending Story"
10:27AM John Maus "Hey Moon" from "We Must Become the Pitiless Censors of Ourselves" (2011) on Ribbon Music
10:30AM Julia Holter "Goddess Eyes, Pt. 2" from "Ekstasis" (LP, 2012) on Rvng New
10:37AM Laurie Anderson "Born, Never Asked" from "Big Science" (LP, Album, 1982) on Nonesuch
10:42AM Moondog "Marimba Mondo (2)" from "Elpmas" (CD, 2004) on Roof Music
10:48AM Beastie Boys "OK" from "Hot Sauce Committee #2" (2011)
11:00AM Loose Joints "Is It All Over My Face (Larry Levan Mix)" from "The World Of Arthur Russell" (CD)
11:07AM Joyce Sims "Lifetime Love (Hard DUB)" from "Lifetime Love 12"" (12 Inch, 1987) on Sleeping Bag
11:11AM Beastie Boys "Intergalactic" from "Hello Nasty" (CD, Album, Private, 1998) on Capitol Catalog
11:14AM Santigold "Go!" from "Master Of My Make Believe" (CD, 2012) New
11:17AM Bad Brains "Sailin' On" from "The Roir Sessions" (MP3, 1981)
11:20AM Nirvana "Verse Chorus Verse (Outtake)" from "Nevermind (Deluxe)" (CD)
11:23AM Ty Segall Band "Wave Goodbye" from "Slaughterhouse" (MP3, 2012) New
11:35AM George Michael "Something To Save" from "Listen Without Prejudice" (CD, 1990)
11:38AM Elliott Smith "LAST CALL" from "Roman Candle" (CD, 1994) on EMI Australia
11:43AM Donovan "The Divine Daze Of Deathly Delight" from "Essence To Essence" (LP, Rock, 1973) on Donovan Discs
11:46AM Stevie Nicks "Beautiful Child (lullaby demo)" from "demos" (MP3)
11:49AM Lou Rawls "Trying As Hard As I Can" from "The Way It Was The Way It Is" (LP, 1969)
11:52AM Beastie Boys "Root Down (Live Tibetan Concert)" from "Root Down (Live Tibetan Concert)" (MP3, Single, 1997)

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