KUSF In Exile 05.27.12 6-8 PM Spotlight Space DJ Nathalie

iPhone and iPad Player

Ken Nordine- Sounds in space
Richard Strass- Also sprach zarathustra
Hugh Downs narrates First man on the moon
Leonard Nimoy- Music to watch space girls by
The Satellite Singers- 50 round trips to California
Hugh Downs- First man on the moon- B side
The Satellite Singers- Meet space pilots Jones
Star Treck- Main title
Isao Tomita- Mars, the bringer of war
Laibach- Across the universe
Forbidden planet soundtrack- Flurry of dust
Brigitte Bardot- Contact
Space 1999- Return to beginning
Leonard Nimoy- Twinkle little earth
The Jetsons- Space Crazy
Brownsville Station- Martian Boogie
The Mariners nine- Martian beauty
The Green Slime- The green slime
The Marketts- Outer limits
Floyd Robinson- My little Martian
The Wildtones- Martian band
In the bible- Flying saucers
Papy- La soucoupe
Bozo- In outer space

David Bowie- Space Oddity
Sounds on the moon- Ford Flexidisc
Doctor Who soundtrack
The Residents- Daydream in space
Sheila and the B-Devotion- Spacer
Sun Ra- Interplanatory music
Bobby and Betty go to the Moon- "A boy and a girl take a recorded Lunar Space Adventure"
Space- Magic Fly
John Charles Daly narrates The Age of Reliability- The space age
Laika in orbit
Skip Stanley- Satellite baby
The Earth Boys- space girl
Jerry Engler- Satellite girl
The Jetsons- Rocket jockey
Bugs Bunny "moon bunny"- Getting the bugs out!
Party after landing from Bobby and Betty go to the moon
Mister Ed- Out in outer space
Les Rockets- Galactica
Beastie Boys- Intergalactic

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