KUSF In Exile 05.23.12 Midnight-2 AM World of Wonder DJ Matt Davignon

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0:00:00) Opening Chimes / greetings
0:01:03) Nommo Ogo "Yaldaboath" from "Across Time and Space", 2009
0:03:49) Renaldo & The Loaf "16 Going on 17" from "Renaldo & The Loaf
Play Struve & Sneff", 1979
0:05:41) Slut "First Dimension" from "Slut", 1995
0:10:40) Material feat. Killah Priest "Temple of the Mental" from
"Intonarumori", 1998
0:16:47) Soisong "Soijin No Hi" from "qxn94", 2008
0:22:20) Causa Sui "Latte Rock" from "Pewt'r Sessions 1", 2011
0:27:42) Known in Bakersfield "Fish You" from "Retinal Ma Should Win", 1998
0:30:55) Announcements
0:33:26) Diew Sor Isan "Lam Plearn Isan Samakkee" from "The North East
Thai Violin of Thonghuad Faited", 2012
0:37:39) Ron Geesin & Roger Waters "Old Folks Ascension" from "Music
From the Body", 1970
0:41:19) Peter Whitehead "Martha and the Willis" & "Giselle Solo" from
"Giselle", 2003
0:49:46) Blue Water White Death "Grunt Tube" from "Blue Water White Death", 2010
0:54:21) Long Fin Killie "(A) Man Ray" from "Houdini", 1995
0:57:55) Announcements
0:59:09) J.D. Emmanuel "At-One-Ment" from "Wizards", 1982
1:08:47) A "live" CD mix including work by: Kyle Bruckmann, Boorbaar,
Gino Robair, (unknown), Annie Grace Horn Dobson, East York Schoolkids,
Pink Floyd, Rich Amerson, Jimi Hendrix and Phillip Greenlief
1:40:04) Far East Family Band "The Cave" from "Nipponjin", 1975
1:48:31) Andrew Pekler "Oraganist" from "Strings + Feedback", 2005
1:54:03) Oval "Container" from "Dok" (Japanese version), 1998
1:55:02) Announcements

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