KUSF In Exile 05.19.12 2-4 PM Roll Call DJ Margaret Tedesco

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Roll Call: Bay Area Arts and Culture

Underworld : Faxed Invitation: Oblivion With Bells
Masha Tupitsyn: Time For Nothing, 2011, a radio play. Performed by Claire Lebowitz. Part of Performa 11, November 1–21, 2011, New York City. Courtesy of Performa.
Orlando (Aïda): Sometimes
Olive et Moi : L’ascenseur: Le Pop Vol 5
Annah Anti-Palindrome: Rut : An(n)a(h)log
Annah Anti-Palindrome: Tattered Screen Doors : An(n)a(h)log

Dj Margaret is joined in conversation with artists TARANEH HEMAMI and JENIFER K WOFFORD on their projects, current exhibitions, and performances.

TARANEH HEMAMI was raised in Tehran, Iran, and lives in San Francisco. In her conceptually driven works, she engages diverse strategies including installation and media productions as well as collective and participatory projects to explore themes of displacement, preservation and representation. Examining the careful crafting of images as propaganda for power and political gain, Taraneh’s handcrafted reproductions of historical archives serve to commemorate events, places and people, while commenting on tools of manipulation and persuasion used across nations and histories. Her sources vary from fuzzy images of international terrorists downloaded from an US governmental site for an examination of perception and stereotyping in the Most Wanted series to a collection of banned books and propaganda of the Iranian underground movement that describe the Iranian revolution in the Theory of Survival project.

Filipina-American artist JENIFER K WOFFORD was born in San Francisco and raised in Hong Kong, the United Arab Emirates, and Malaysia. Her work includes sculpture, installation, painting, drawing, photo, video, performance, teaching, and curating. She received her BFA from the San Francisco Art Institute, and her MFA from UC Berkeley. Her work has been exhibited in the Bay Area at the Berkeley Art Museum, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, Southern Exposure, Richmond Art Center, and Kearny Street Workshop; nationally at New Image Art (Los Angeles), Nora Eccles Harrison Museum (Salt Lake City), thirtynine hotel (Honolulu); and internationally at Future Prospects (Philippines), Galerie Blanche (France), and Osage Gallery Kwun Tong (Hong Kong). She is also one-third of the manic, brilliant, highly delusional artist trio Mail Order Brides/M.O.B. Recent projects include an exhibition of new Volcano Drawings series at Ictus Gallery, San Francisco, and a series of faxed portable toilet drawings at the San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery. Wofford recently performed at Southern Exposure as part of activities associated with Asian Contemporary Arts Week. She lives and works in San Francisco.

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WOFFORD’s Artist-In-Residence at KINOKINO, Sandes Norway



The Future is NOW, curated by Jennifer Banta

In the Currents, curated by Taraneh Hemami and Lucy Kalyani Lin