KUSF In Exile 05.16.12 Midnight-2 AM World of Wonder DJ Matt Davignon

Tonight we listen to space music - the soundtracks to our imaginary
galactic travels from the 50s to today. A special treat is "Captain
Ron and his Space Cat Fluffy", which was recorded by my dad and his
neighbor around 1980. With local music by Ashley Bellouin and Eric
Glick Rieman.

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0:00:19) Chap & Robbie "Captain Ron and his Space Cat Fluffy"
(unreleased - circa 1981)
0:06:27) Ashley Bellouin "Black Hole" from
0:12:03) Jonny Greenwood "Moon Trills" from "Bodysong", 2003
0:17:08) Harmonia "Sonnenschein" from "Musik von Harmonia", 1974
0:21:24) The Heliocentrics "Once Upon a Time" from "Out There", 2007
0:24:03) Emeralds "Diotima" from "Emeralds", 2010
0:30:40) Pram "Dancing On A Star" from "Helium", 1995
0:34:51) Announcements
& Eric Glick Rieman "Planarian Egress" from "Ten to the Googolplex", 2001
0:54:46) Attileo "Art" Mineo "Gayway to Heaven" from "A Man in Space
With Sounds", 1963
0:57:24) The Future Sound of London "Vertical Pig" from "Lifeforms", 1994
1:04:03) Lichens "Faeries" from "Omns", 2007
1:10:31) Announcements
& Hans Fjellestad "French Door Bird" from "Snails 'R Sexy" 2007
1:16:10) Herman's Rocket "Space Woman" from "Space Woman", 1977
1:21:09) Louis and Bebe Barron "Love at the Swimming Hole" from
"Forbidden Planet (OST)", 1956
1:23:26) The Orb "Earth" from "The Orb's Adventures Beyond the Ultraworld", 1991
1:33:07) Demdlike Stare "Nothing But the Night" from "Symbiosis", 2011
1:34:57) Delia Derbyshire & Barry Bermange "Colour" from "Inventions
for Radio - Dreams", 1964
1:39:28) Announcements and Mariann Kafer "In the Dolphin Drums" from
"Animalfarm", 1995
1:46:13) Tiny Owl "2010-8-19F" from http://tinyowl.bandcamp.com, 2010
1:53:03) Announcements
& Aphex Twin "Tassels" from "Selected Ambient Works, Vol. 2", 1994
1:56:30) The Thunderbolts "Lost Planet" from "It's Hard to Believe It:
The Amazing World of Joe Meek" (originally 1963)

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