KUSF In Exile 05.15.12 Midnight-3 AM Stylus Fly8 DJ D-Synthesis

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12:00AM Chordettes "Mr. Sandman" from "Halloween ll - soundtrack" (LP, Album, Other, 1981) on Varesse (usa)
12:03AM Takeshi Terauchi "Uskudara" from "?" (LP, Album, Other) on King (Japan)
12:06AM GANG OF FOUR "What We All Want" from "12"" (12 Inch, Single, Other, 1981) on emi (UK)
12:09AM Birdsong of the Mesozoic "To A Random" from "Soundtracks - comp." (LP, Album, Other, 1987) on Arf Arf (usa)
12:12AM Mark Stewart + Maffia "As The Veneer Of Democracy Begins To Fade" from "Mark Stewart + Maffia" (LP, Album, Other, 1986) on Upside (usa)
12:15AM Der Plan "Gefahrfliche Clowns" from "Gheri Rig" (LP, Album, Other, 1980) on Atatack (Germany)
12:18AM Arthur Brown's Kingdom Come "Time Captives" from "Journey" (LP, Album, Other, 1974) on Passport (USA)
12:21AM Jean Jaqqques Perry "Eva (dub) Fatboy Slim mix" from "Moog Indigo" (LP) on Vanguard (Italy)
12:24AM Stephen Mallinder "Temperature Drop" from "12"" (12 Inch, Single, 1981) on Fetish (UK)
12:27AM Legendary Pink Dots "The Grain Kings" from "The Maria Dimension" (LP, Other, 1991) on Play It Again Sam (Holland)
12:35AM ---> ---> ---> "Expressive Space" from "Spaces" (LP, Other, 1981) on Innocent (Australia)
12:38AM Tonto "Tonto's Travels" from "It's About Time" (LP, Other, 1975) on Polydor (UK)
12:41AM The Bongos "Barbarella - remixed version" from "12"" (12 Inch, Single, Other, 1983) on RCA (USA)
12:44AM Ashwin Batish "Bombay Boogie" from "Sitar Power 1 - a Fusion of Rock and Indian Music" (LP, Other, 1994) on Batish Records (USA)
12:53AM Didier's Sound Spectrum "Parahtax Ayal" from "TR-78" (LP, Other, 2011) on Timmion Records (USA)
01:01AM Pan American "Renzo" from "12"" (12 Inch, EP) on Vertical Form
01:04AM Electronicat "Cat A Tac" from "Cat A Tac" (LP, Single) on Onnter
01:07AM We "Diablos" from "V - 1" (LP, 1999) on Asphodel
01:10AM Telex "En Route" from "NEUROVISION" (LP, Other, 1980) on Sire (usa)
01:13AM Dick Hyman "Kolumbo" from "Moog The Electric Eclectics of Dick Hyman" (LP, Album, Private) on Moog
01:16AM Minnny Pops "Experience" from "Sparks In a Dark Room" (LP, Other, 1982) on Plurex (Belgium)
01:19AM The Units "High Pressure Days" from "Digital Stimulation" (12 Inch, Album, 1980) on 415
01:22AM Hole "Dyskinesia" from "12"" (12 Inch, Single, Other, 1989) on Eyas (UK)
01:25AM Blue Eyed Christ "Catch My Fall (The Abyss)" from "Catch My Fall (Special Remastered Edition)" (1992) on Van Richter Records
01:34AM D. Greenfield & J.J. Burnell "Detective Priv'e" from "Fire & Waterr" (1983) on Epic (uK)
01:37AM Princess Tinymeat "Sloblands" from "Herstory" (LP, Other, 1987) on Rough Trade (UK)
01:40AM Rheingold "Computer Beat" from "12"" (12 Inch, Single, 1984) on CBS (Germany)
01:43AM The Ohio Express "The Time You Spent With Me" from "Ohio Express" (LP, 1967) on Buddha (USA)
01:46AM Harry Thumann "Underwater Original Version 1979" from "Underwater from the Album: (American Express) Included In the Game: "Grand Theft Auto"" (1979) on Baby Records International
01:52AM Hugo Montenegro "Moog Power" from "Moog Power" (LP, Single, Other, 1969) on RCA (USA)

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