KUSF In Exile 05.11.12 Noon-3 PM In Quarantine DJ Stereo Steve

iPhone and iPad Player


oshun - rattle of life
eric dolphy - hat and beard
triptet - imaginary perspective

behold! the monolith - guardians of the abyss
savaging spires - seconds in motion

ashwin batish - bombay boogie
charangit singh - raga bhupali
peaking lights - all the sun that shines

johnny clarke - come back to me
johnny osbourne - forgive them
king tubby - come on little girl

the sea and cake - monday
luomo - love you all
dntel - the dream of evan and chan

strafe fur rebellion -in egypt in the month of may
the tribal fops - blue pork chops
dj me dj you - zag zag
23 skidoo - porno bass
the caretaker - rosy retrospection

ugly custard - babe i'm gonna leave you
cocteau twins - pink orange red
steve tibbetts - ur
relatively clean rivers - hello sunshine

13th floor elevators - roller coaster
mc5 - i can only give you everything
reigning sound - you got me hummin'
thee american revolution - in your dream/japanese clone

savage republic - the ivory coast
raining house - return of the extinct mammoths
big black - crack up
happy flowers - not fade away

beastie boys - namaste

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