KUSF in Exile 05.09.12 3-6 PM Box of Records DJ Pete Accident

iPhone and iPad Player

drexciya -- wavejumper
daniel lentz -- lascaux

cleaners from venus -- marathon (2)
cleaners from venus -- a personal issue
cleaners from venus -- night starvation
cleaners from venus -- midnight cleaners
cleaners from venus -- factory boy

destroyer/loscil -- carmine
bill lewis/khan jamal -- the vanishing man
george lewis -- chicago slow dance (excerpt)

drexciya -- take your mind
crown -- intercession
mint cookie -- daily thang
eddie kendricks -- my people... hold on

charles kynard -- greeze
sirone -- circumstances
charles tyler ensemble -- lacy's out east

dadamah -- scratch sun
dadamah -- nicotine
dadamah -- radio brain
dadamah -- high time

endless boogie -- sportmålet
grateful dead -- dark star (excerpt)

the sabri brothers & ensemble -- dama dum must qalandar
yoshi wada -- lament for the rise and fall of the elephantine crocodile (part 2)

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