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Otherwise known as The Big Thanatopsis

M. Ward "Requiem" (2006)
Laura Gibson "Funeral Song" (2009)
Shirley & Dolly Collins "Death And The Lady" (1970)
Cat Stevens "Lady D'Arbanville" (1970) (Patti D'Arbanville is still
very much with us, by the way.)
Pearls Before Swine "Seasons In The Sun" (1971)
Eclection "Mark Time" (1968)
The Free Design "An Elegy" (1968)
Daniel Higgs "Living In The Kingdom Of Death" (2006)
Blind Willie Johnson "Jesus Make Up My Dying Bed" (1927)
June Tabor "Lay This Body Down" (1983)
Marissa Nadler "Bird On Your Grave" (2006)
Patti Smith "Elegie" (1975)

Grin "Beggar's Day (Eulogy To Danny Whitten)" (1974)
Crazy Horse "Downtown" (1971)
Peter Lang "Snaker Ray Has Come And Gone" (2003)
Charlie Louvin "Ira" (2007)
Nico "Eulogy To Lenny Bruce" (1967)
Tim Hardin "Tribute To Hank Williams" (1967)
Rosalie Sorrels "Goodbye Joe Hill" (1967)
Bill Cox "Fate Of Will Rogers And Wiley Post" (1935)
Bob Dylan "The Lonesome Death Of Hattie Carroll" (1964)
John Renbourn "White House Blues" (1972)
Sleepy John Estes "President Kennedy Stayed Away Too Long" (1969)

Matt Baldwin "Eulogy & Dark" (2008)
Yair Yona "Floodgate Opens To Allow A Ship To Come Through (As It
Carries The Passenger Fahey On It)" (2009)
Glenn Jones "One Jack Rose (That I Mean)" (2004) (This was not meant
as a eulogy as Jack Rose was still around and about for another five
Charles Mingus "Theme For Lester Young" (1963)
Jack West & Curvature "Song For Calder" (1999) (Calder Spanier was a
Canadian-born, Bay Area-based saxophonist who was killed in a car
accident in 1997.)
Portland Cello Project "Elegie" (2010)
Pat Kilroy & The New Age "Ode To Satie" (1967 air-check)

Stefan Grossman & Danny Kalb "Requiem For Patrick Kilroy" (1969)
Nick Shillace "Requiem For John Eric Bradley" (2005)
Bruce Haack "Requiem" (1970)
John Fahey "Requiem For Molly Pts. 1-4" (1967)

The Association "Requiem For The Masses" (1967)

Here are some pertinent links:

Here's the complete Thanatopsis by William Cullen Bryant, who wrote it
at the ripe old age of 16. He would go on to live a mere sixty-eight


Here's Beethoven's Heiligenstadt Testament, written in 1802, right
after he lost his hearing and went into the throes of depression.
Little did he realize at the time that his best works were ahead of



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