KUSF In Exile 05.08.12 9-Noon Radiodrome DJ Schmeejay

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RADIODROME (Music) with dj schmeejay 05/08/2012 09:00AM to 12:00PM

09:23AM Keith Jarrett "Koln Pt 1" from "The Köln Concert" (LP, 1975) on Jazz
09:26AM Paavoharju "Musta katu" from "Yhä hämärää" (CD, 2005) on Fonal
09:30AM K V Narayanaswamy "Sabhapatikku" from "Dhyanam/Meditation" (LP, 1969) on Nonesuch Explorer
09:33AM Roni Size & Reprazent "Brown Paper Bag" from "New Forms" (LP, 1997) on Mercury
09:36AM The Captain and Tennille "I'm On My Way" from "Slow 45" (7 Inch, 1978) on A&M -- Toni Tennille born 5.08.40
09:39AM Mountains "Blue Lanterns On East Oxford" from "Air Museum (Bonus Track Version)" (CD, 2011) on Thrill Jockey
09:44AM Brian Eno "Baby's On Fire" from "Here Come The Warm Jets" (LP, Single, Private, 1973) on Island
09:47AM Soeur Sourire "Dominique" from "The Singing Nun" (LP) on Philips
09:50AM Haircut 100 "Love Plus One" from "Pelican West" (LP) on A&M
09:53AM Burmese "Lin Ling Sai Siu Dall Mor Dai Mean Zik Dig Yum Bo" from "Lun Yurn" (CD, Rock, 2011) on ugEXPLODE
09:55AM Jodelclub Fluehbluemli Bihenthal "Unknown TItle" from "Untitled" (Other)
09:58AM Boyle "Untitled" from "Single" (7 Inch) on S/R (USA)
10:01AM James Taylor "Up On The Roof" from "Slow 45" (7 Inch) on Columbia (USA)
10:04AM White Hills "Pads of Light" from "Frying on this Rock (Deluxe Version)" (CD, 2012) on Thrill Jockey
10:08AM Shashana Damari "Elohim Eshala" from "Shashana!" (LP) on Vanguard -- Feedback Looping
10:11AM Cheap Trick "Downed" from "In Color" (LP, Album, Private, 1977) on Epic
10:14AM Die Spitzbuam "Mit 'nem Kub vor der Haustr fing's an" from "S/T" (LP) on Amadeo
10:17AM Peggy Lee "Let's Do It" from "The Hot Canaries" (Other) on Columbia (USA) -- 10"
10:20AM The Puddle "Thursday" from "Single" (7 Inch) on Flying Nun (New Zealand)
10:23AM Takeshi Kitano "Excerpt" from "Dolls" on Palm
10:26AM Blue Cheer "The Hunter?Magnolia Caboose Babyfinger" from "Outsideinside" (LP, Album, Rock, 1968) on Philips
10:31AM Mamas and the Papas "Spanish Harlem" from "A Gathering of Flowers" (LP) on ABC
10:34AM Rob Reich "Abigail Waltz" from "Abigail Waltz" (CD, Single) on S/R (USA)
10:37AM REM "Swan Swan H" from "Life's Rich Pageant" (1986) on IRS
10:40AM Simon and Garfunkel "Mrs Robinson" from "Slow 45" (7 Inch) on Epic
10:43AM Boris Draper "No Other Love" from "Happy Harmonica" (LP) on Coronet
10:46AM 10CC "Hot To Trot" from "Single" (7 Inch) on Mercury
10:49AM Krokus "Long Stick Goes Boom" from "Single" (LP)
10:52AM The Records "Starry Eyes" from "The Records" (LP) on Virgin (UK)

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