KUSF In Exile 05.07.12 9-Noon Permamelt DJ Nate Berlin

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PERMAMELT (Music) with Nathan Berlinguette 05/07/2012 09:00AM to 12:00PM

09:08AM No Neck Blues Band "Nothing for Money" from "Nothing for Money" (Single)
09:11AM Amps for Christ "Shepard" from "Shepard" (Single)
09:14AM Phonophani "Cook Islands" from "Cook Islands" (Single)
09:17AM Forest Swords "Miarches" from "Miarches" (Single)
09:20AM Sonic Youth "SUPERSTAR" from "If I Were a Carpenter" (CD, Album, Private, 1994) on A&M
09:25AM Thee Oh Sees "Contraption/Soul Desert" from "Contraption/Soul Desert" (Single)
09:28AM Eroc "Norderland" from "Norderland" (Single)
09:31AM Brain Fruit "1.3" from "1.3" (Single)
09:34AM NEU! "ISI" from "ISI" (Single)
09:37AM Fennesz "JULY" from "Seven Stars - EP" (2011) on Touch
09:42AM Comus "The Herald" from "The Herald" (Single)
09:45AM Godzik Pink "Eternal Cobwebs" from "Eternal Cobwebs" (Single)
09:48AM Godzik Pink "Praise the Lard" from "Praise the Lard" (Single)
09:51AM Godzik Pink "It's a Black Day" from "It's a Black Day" (Single)
09:54AM Godzik Pink "Black Broccoli" from "Black Broccoli" (Single)
09:57AM Godzik Pink "Hide or Children" from "Hide or Children" (Single)
10:00AM Wooden Wand & The Vanishing Voice "The Chapel" from "The Chapel" (Single)
10:03AM Skullflower "Saturn" from "Saturn" (Single)
10:06AM Time Spent "Memories Drift and Fade" from "Memories Drift and Fade" (Single)
10:09AM Boards of Canada "ZOETROPE" from "ZOETROPE" (Single)
10:12AM Food Pyramid "Alpine Valley Shelter Point" from "Alpine Valley Shelter Point" (Single)
10:15AM We Like Cats "Fruits of the Jungle Heart" from "Fruits of the Jungle Heart" (Single)
10:18AM Jonti "Twirligig" from "Twirligig" (Single, 2011) on Mistletone
10:21AM Ryan Teague "Coins and Crosses" from "Coins and Crosses" (Single)
10:24AM Still Corners "I Wrote In Blood" from "I Wrote In Blood" (Single)
10:27AM Peaking Lights "Tiger Eyes (Laid Back)" from "Tiger Eyes (Laid Back)" (Single)
10:30AM Young Magic "Drawing Down the Moon" from "Drawing Down the Moon" (Single)

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