KUSF In Exile 05.06.12 2-8 AM Rampage Radio DJ The Prophet Of Doom

RAMPAGE RADIO is a 6 hour Heavy Metal radio show founded by Howie Klein, Ian Kallen & Ron Quintana which aired on KUSF 90.3 FM in San Francisco every weekend from March 6,  1982 until January 16, 2011 and continues to appear weekly on KUSF In Exile. The early years of Rampage featured the heaviest bands from the UK NWOBHM scene, Europe & the worldwide metal underground along with classic '70s bands and the roots of metal going back to the late '60s. Legendary artists such as Mercyful Fate, Yngwie Malmsteen & Metallica sent demo tapes to Rampage in the early '80s, receiving their first airplay on this show when no one else was willing to take a chance, and we are proud to have introduced listeners to every new worthy development in metal that has emerged over the last 30 years. Rampage Radio is now into it's 4th decade of weekly broadcasts and we continue to play non-commercial metal to an enthusiastic worldwide audience.

1st Three Hours

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2nd Three Hours

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2 am
Type O Negative- Wolf Moon
Throne Of Katarsis- Funeral Moonlight
Tymah- Freezing Moon
Mayhem- Freezing Moon
Tsjuder- Black Shadows Of Hell
Venom- Death & Dying
Winter- Eternal Frost
Enshadowed- Requiem Of Hatred
Acid Bath- Tranquilized

3 am
Emperor- Witched Sabbath
Craft- Past, Present, Dead
Naglfar- The Monolith
Obituary- Slowly We Rot
Severe Torture- Feces For Jesus
Ondskapt- Feeding The Flames
Doom- Antisocial
Setherial- I Nattens Famn
Slayer- Kill Again
Taake- VI
Mortician- Camp Blood
Vargsang- Drowned In Hate And Sorrow

Negator- Interludium--Katharsis
Sargeist- Cursed Blaze Of Rituals
Sepultura- Empire Of The Damned
Sejtane- The Burning Woods
Venom- Sacrifice
Shining- Langtar Bort Fran Mitt Hjarta
Torture Eternal- Worm Eaten
Svartahrid- Freezing Sorrow
Vasaeleth- Curse Seeping Through Flesh
Urgehal- Nocturnal Revelation

Sarcophagus- In Silent Death
Taake- Bjoergvin IV
Unleashed- Ragnarok
Vargsang- Whores Of The Light
Katharsis- Emeralde Graves
Incantation- The Stench Of Crucifixion
Gorgoroth- Exit Carved Through Stones
Fosch- Forbeach
Flesh Consumed- Inhuman Butchery
Taake- Myr
Morbid Angel- Dominate

6 am
Gorgoroth- Human Sacrifice
Setherial- Shadows Of The Throne
Skirrhus- Raping The Vestal Virgins
Thornspawn- Reapers Of The Battlefield
Urgehal- Satanic Deathlust
Judas Iscariot- In The Bliss Of The Eternal Valleys Of Hate
Tsjuder- Mouth Of Madness
Possessed- The Exorcist
Marduk- Beyond The Grace Of God
Immortal- Throned By Black Storms

7 am
Throne Of Katarsis- Summoning The Horns
Possessed- Tribulation
Marduk- Materialized In Stone
Demilich- Two Independent Organisms-One Suppurating Deformity
Fosch- Tas
Fleshcrawl- Under The Banner Of Death
Evil Angel- Fire In Pentagram
Entombed- Stranger Aeons
Burial Hordes- Unholy Ultraviolent Domination
Dissection- The Somberlain
Burzum- Dungeons Of Darkness
Absu- Highland Tyrant Attack

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