KUSF In Exile 05.02.12 Midnight-2 AM World of Wonder DJ Matt Davignon

I have an exciting playlist for you - I finally get my hands on a long-sought after Nurse With Wound disc, then we have some bit-reduced latin music & some choral music. We turn Warren Zevon into Isaac Hayes and have some fun with a Kate Bush track before getting hung up on the cardinal directions. With local music from Cheryl Leonard, Nihil Communication, Ghost in the House and Theresa Wong.

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0:00:00) Opening CHimes
0:00:13) Alice Coltrane "Turiya" from "Huntington Ashram Monastery", 1969
0:04:25) Grampus "Chortle of the Bakunawa" from "ILK ILK", 2011
0:07:48) Announcements
& Grampus "Lozen" from "ILK ILK", 2011
0:13:58) Nurse With Wound "Beware the African Mosquito (Ring Your Doorbell, Put You to Sleep)" from "Man With The Woman Face", 1992
0:26:47) Anka Draugelates And Cheryl E. Leonard "Under Giant Trees" from "Portholes", 2012
0:30:14) Los Samplers (aka Atom TM) "Algo Ritmico (Descarga Acido)" from "Descargas", 1999
0:34:39) The Bulgarian Voices - Angelite "Oi Maro" from "A Cathedral Concert", 1991
0:36:38) Scala & Kolacny Brothers "Joga" from "One Winged Angel", 2007
0:41:02) Announcements
& Nihil Communication "Sleep Under Wire" from "We Are Violent", 2006
0:46:32) Ghost in the House "Narcolepsy" from "Ghost in the House", 2007
0:50:56) Dälek "Bricks Crumble" from "Abandoned Language", 2007
0:54:26) Warren Zevon "Werewolves of London" (at 33 1/3) from "Excitable Boy", 1978
0:58:43) Burial "Etched Headplate" from "Untrue", 2007
1:05:21) Kate Bush "Running Up That Hill" (pitch-shifted and compressed by Matt Davignon) from "The Whole Story", 1986
1:10:09) Announcements
1:14:01) Theresa Wong "Proud Monster!" from "The Unlearning", 2011
1:17:47) Thomas Strønen "Interacting Massive Particles" from "Pohlitz", 2006
1:22:06) The La Drivers Por Por Group "Otsokobila" from "Honk Horn Music of Ghana", 2007
1:26:54) PTV3 "South II"from "Direction Ov Travel", 1990
1:30:00) Valet "North" from "Blood is Clean", 2007
1:41:32) Announcements
& Alog "Drifting West" from "Red Shift Swing", 1999
1:46:17) Zga "Back to the East" from the compilation "Orbitones, Spoon Harps & Bellowphones", 1998
1:50:40) Masters of Illusion "We All Over", 2000
1:54:20) Announcements
& Rapoon "Edge of Nowhere" from "Dark Rivers", 2009
& COH & Cosey Fanni Tutti "Inside" from "COH plays Cosey", 2008
1:59:12) Closing Chimes

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