KUSF In Exile 05.02.12 9-Midnight Mein 20th Century DJ Scott

Do to technical Difficulties-this show is 1 hour long, not the fault of the programmer.

Mein Twentieth Century explores the far corners of composed sound from its early classical history to its modern experimental antecedents. Antique music, Serialism, Musique Concrete, Early Electronics, Minimalism, Sound Art, New Music, Drone, Independent as well as Non-Western and Outsider sensibilities are brought together in an enriching audio experience

iPhone and iPad Player

first hour:
John Epping – Jungle Cruise
Johnny Miller – Your Shining Path
Entourage Music and Theatre Ensemble – Piece for Eb Soprano Saxophone, Guitar and Thumb Piano
Bill Nelson – At The Gates of The Singing Garden
KPM Library: Woodwind – Sculpture
Sven Libaek – Conversations With Hal
The New Koto Ensemble of Tokyo – Mozart’s Symphonie No. 40 in G minor
Debussey (Jean Phillippe Collard) – Reflets Dans L’eau
Stephen Scott - Music Three For Bowed Strings
Entourage Music and Theatre Ensemble – Composition for Viola, Electric Keyboard and Percussion
Georges Delerue – The Musical Clock
Blues Control & Laraaji – City of Love
Kohachiro Miyata – Honshirabe (interlude)

second hour:
Noah Creshevsky – In Other Words
Anthony Moore – Secrets of The Blue Bag 1
Matti Bye – Det Var En Gang…
Robert Wyatt – L’Albero Degli Zoccoli
Laraaji - Radiance
Anton Batagov – Prostration to the 35 Buddhas
Loscil - Rye Fields (interlude)

third hour:
Philip Glass – Einstein On The Beach: Act III Scene I: Trial / Prison
Walter Carlos – Country Road
John Sangster – Once Around The Sun
Steve Reich – Six Pianos
Rhys Chatham – Impromptu for Solo Treated Trumpet 3
John Epping – Echoes of The Past 1
Noveller – Glacial Wave
Danny Grody – Star Gaze
Andrew Thomas – Hush (interlude)
Ashra – Deep Distance

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