KUSF In Exile 04.29.12 10-1230 PM The Consortionist

Music with a Medieval Classical Twist

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the consortionist (Music) with dj schmeejay 04/29/2012 10:00AM to 11:30AM

10:57AM Stanley Taylor Consort "The Bells" from "Dulcet Pipes" (LP) on Vanguard -- 17th c
11:00AM Choeurs de la chapelle royale, Paris "Quam Dilecta" from "Motets a Grand Choeurs" (LP) on harmonia mundi -- 17th c
11:03AM Okkyung Lee "Steely Morning" from "Noisy Love Songs" (CD, Jazz, 2011) on Tzadik -- 2011
11:09AM Glenn Gould "Fugue No. 3" from "Bach: Art of the Fugue" (LP) on Columbia (USA) -- 16th c
11:12AM The Bee Gees "The Greatest Man in the World" from "Trafalgar" (LP) on ATCO (USA) -- 1971
11:15AM New York Pro Musica "Riu Riu" from "Medieval Roots" (LP, 1971) on Decca -- 13th c
11:18AM Accademia Monteverdiana "Anthe THRONUM REGENTIS OMNIA" from "Music in Honor of Thomas of Canterbury" (LP) on Nonesuch -- 14thc
11:21AM Florilegium Musicum of Paris "Quant Define La Verdour" from "Music At the Time of the Crusades" (LP, 1973) on Vanquard Everyman -- 14thc
11:24AM Cluster "Umleitung" from "Sowiesoso" (LP, Jazz, 1976) on 4 Men -- 1976
11:27AM Camerata of London "It Was a Time When Silly Bees" from "The Queen's Men" (LP, 1982) on Musical Heritage Society -- 17th c
11:30AM The Pennywhistlers "Maika Rada Sitno Plete" from "Folksongs of Eastern Europe" (LP, World, 1963) on Nonesuch -- Trad Bulgarian
11:33AM Deller Consort "In Exitu Israel" from "Chant Grégorien 3" (LP, 1975) on harmonia mundi -- 8th c

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