KUSF in Exile 04.27.12 7-9 AM Vicotin Popsicles DJ Paul Ciminero

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Tom Waits - Chicago - Bad as Me
Wilco - Art of Almost - The Whole Love
Pere Ubu- Folly of Youth- Ray Gun Suitcase
David Lowery - thePalace Guards - the Palace Guards
Dilon Djindi - Maria Rosa - Dilon

Set 2
The Black Keys- Remember When (Side A) - Attack and Release
Brian Eno - Bone Jump - Small Craft on a Milk Sea
Flaming Lips - They Punched my Yoke - Clouds Taste Metallic
Lothar and the Hand People - Machines- this is it, Machines
Laurie Anderson - Two songs for tape bow and violin (Ethics is the essence of Estectics/ Song for Juanita) - Airwaves
Bjork- Virus- Biophillia -
Don Cherry - Brown Rice- Brown Rice

Set 3
Joe strummer and the Mescalero's - Techno D-Day- rock Art and the X-Ray Style
National Lampoon- Mr. Roberts #1 - That's not Funny that's Sick
Karl Wallinger/Peter Gabriel -Big Blue Ball -Same
Joseph Aurther - Travel as Equals - Redemption City
Robert Fripp - Hadden Two- Exposure
The Police -De do do do De da da da - Japanese single ( sung in Japanese)

Set 4
Hound dog Taylor - Take Five- Natural Boogie
Gong- Escape Control Delete - 2032
Miles Davis- Black Satin- On the Corner

Set 5
Geoffrey Richardson - The Rhapsodic Uke- Viola Mon Amour
Imogene Heap - Last train home - Ellipse
The Beatles- Pepperland- yellow submarine
XTC - Greenman- Apple Venus Part One
Joe Byrd- Coming Down- the United States of America
Toubab Krewe - Devil woman - Toubab Krewe

Aaron Neville - the Mickey Mouse March - Stay Awake -( interpretation of Disney's music)


CtownChris said...

Nice mix. Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

This is great stuff..a wonderful mix of tunes...More More!!!..Love the National Lampoon..