KUSF In Exile 04.25.12 Midnight-2 AM World of Wonder DJ Matt Davignon

We'll listen to two new versions of Steve Reich's "Four Organs" that utilize time stretch to bring it closer to Reich's original "Slow Motion Sound" concept. We'll also hear music from local artists Headboggle and 0th, some early 4-track projects from San Diego artist Rafter Roberts, and much more.

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0:00:00) Opening Chimes
0:00:13) Steve Reich "Four Organs" (time stretch version 1 by Matt Davignon with help from Kristin Miltner)
0:15:42) Archetti/Wiget "Stück 6" from "Low Tide Digitalis", 2001
0:20:33) Shabazz Palaces "Free Press and Curl" from "Black Up", 2011
0:23:31) Headboggle "Wassermusic" from "Headboggle", 2012
0:31:00) Alexander Hacke "Algerische Wassermusic aus 'Vaterland'" from "Filmarbeiten" 1993
0:32:50) Arve Henriksen "Green Water" from "Strjon", 2007
0:37:44) Amorphous Androgynous "In Mind" from "Tales of Ephidrina", 1993
0:41:31) Phonophani "Saltwater" from "Genetic Engineering", 2001
0:47:34) Announcements & Boyle "25 Feb 2010" from "Raum Zeit", 2010
0:52:37) You "Magooba" from "Electric Day", 1979
0:58:53) Michael Cole, Michael Jessett and Rick Jones "Fingermouse and Flash Play the Guitar" from "Fingerbobs", 2011
0:59:54) Koutiakan "Tendoro" from "Bouadé", 2003
1:04:18) +/- (Not the famous +/-!)"Ultra Green" (Unrelreased)
1:07:40) Announcements
1:10:51) +/- "Fly Pulling Back" (Unrelreased)
1:15:26) Rafter "Zzzpenchant" from "Sex Death Cassette", 2008
1:18:37) Rafter "Def Leppard" from "Junk", 1996
1:20:34) Ampersand (not the famous Ampersand!) "Field of Flowers" from "The Dirt Tape", 1996
1:23:08) Announcements
1:25:19) Ampersand "Don't Be Dumb" from "The Dirt Tape", 1996
1:26:55) The Tape Beatles "Reality of Matter" from "Good Times", 1999
1:29:31) 0th "War" from "Tammy", 2008
1:35:04) Ayou/Ohta Hiromi "Kodo (A Serenade - An Illusion)" from "Red Moon", 2004
1:40:16) Announcements and Darwinsbitch "Flames in a Blackened Sky"
1:43:12) Steve Reich "Four Organs" (time stretch version 3 by Matt Davignon)

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