KUSF In Exile 04.18.12 Midnight-2 AM World of Wonder DJ Matt Davignon

Tonight on the World of Wonder: We listen to about 30 minutes of
popular music backwards, followed by 30 minutes of popular music at
1/2 speed. Then we move on to our regular weird music, including a
track by local musicians Subnaught and Gretchen Jude.

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0:00:00) Opening Chimes
0:00:15) Thomas Dimuzio / Del Nileppez "Yawriats Ot Nevaeh"
0:08:07) Radiohead "Backdrifts (Honeymoon is Over)" (backwards) from
"Hail to The Thief", 2003
0:11:02) Announcements
0:12:22) Brightback Morning Light "Come Another Rain" (backwards) from
"Brightback Morning Light", 2006
0:15:27) Queen "Another One Bites The Dust" (backwards) from "The Game", 1980
0:17:28) The Doors "Riders On The Storm" (backwards) from "L.A. Woman", 1971
0:23:32) Announcements
0:24:23) Jimi Hendryx "Are You Experienced?" (backwards) from "Are You
Experienced?", 1967
0:28:28) PSA
0:29:29) The Prodigy "Smack My Bitch Up" (at 1/2 speed) from "The Fat
of the Land", 1997
0:37:40) Steve Miller Band "Fly Like an Eagle" (at 1/2 speed) from
"Fly Like an Eagle", 1976
0:43:12) Bjork "Human Behavior" (at 1/2 speed) from "Debut", 1993
0:51:19) The Doobie Brothers "Black Water" (at 1/2 speed) from "What
Were Once Vices
Are Now Habits", 1974
0:59:13) Announcements and The Cars "Drive" (backwards and at 1/2
speed) from "Heartbeat City", 1984
1:02:07) Coil "Green Water" from "Black Light District", 1996
1:06:53) Ismaael Colombaani "La Fille" from "Chants d'Mour et de Defaite", 2012
1:10:22) The Reformed Faction of Soviet France "Base-Denial" from "The
Reformed Faction of Soviet France", 2006
1:13:24) Komet "Hub" from "Rausch", 2004
1:18:45) Felix Kubin "Flourescence No. 10 (Original Mix)" from "Txrf", 2012
1:24:07) Attileo "Art" Mineo "Science of Tomorrow" from "Man In Space
With Sounds", 1962
1:26:59) Announcements/PSA
1:30:37) Subnaught & Gretchen Jude "Music for Koto, Pitch Pipe and
Samplers" from soundcloud.com/subnaught/tracks
1:46:03) Tom Dissevelt "Gamelan" (1964) from "Anthology of Dutch
Electronic Tape Music - Volume 1, 1955-1966"
1:48:57) Microstoria "Bpi" from "_Snd", 1996
1:52:44) The Heliocentrics "American Empire" from "Out There", 2007
1:56:00) Steve Roden "Rust" from "Chair (A Subscape of Resonance)", 1999