KUSF In Exile 04.18.12 3-6 AM 360 Sound Show DJ Richard White

iPhone and iPad Player

National Record Store Day is this Saturday, April 21st. For this show
I played LP sides.

Side One of The Byrds' The Notorious Byrd Brothers (1967):

"Artificial Energy"
"Goin' Back"
"Natural Harmony"
"Draft Morning"
"Wasn't Born To Follow"
"Get To You"

Side One of The Grateful Dead's Anthem Of The Sun (1968):

"That's It For The Other One"
A)Cryptical Envelopment
B)Quadlibet For Tender Feet
C)The Faster We Go, The Rounder We Get
D)We Leave The Castle
"New Potato Caboose"
"Born Cross-Eyed"

Side One Of Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of Invention's Uncle Meat (1969):

"Uncle Meat, The Main Theme"
"The Voice Of Cheese"
"Nine Types Of Industrial Pollution"
"Zolar Czakl"
"Dog Breath, In The Year Of The Plague"
"The Legend Of The Golden Arches"
"Louie Louie (At The Royal Albert Hall)"
"The Dog Breath Variations"

Side Two Of Capt. Beefheart & His Magic Band's Strictly Personal (1968):

"On Tomorrow"
"Beatle Bones And Smokin' Stones"
"Gimme Dat Harp Boy"
"Kandy Korn"

Side One Of Soft Machine's Volume Two (1969):

"Pataphysical Introduction Pt. 1"
"A Concise British Alphabet Pt. 1"
"Hibou Anemone And Bear"
"A Concise British Alphabet Pt. 2"
"Hullo Der"
"Dada Was Here"
"Thank You Pierrot Lunaire"
"Have You Bean Green?"
"Pataphysical Introduction Pt. 2"
"Out Of Tunes"

Side One of Emerson, Lake, & Palmer (1970):

"The Barbarian"
"Take A Pebble"

Side Two of The Who Live At Leeds (1970):

"My Generation"
"Magic Bus"

To the memory of Alexander "Skip" Spence, here's the second half of
the 1999 Sundazed re-issue of Oar (1969):

"This Time He Has Come"
"It's The Best Thing For You"
"Keep Everything Under Your Hat"
"Furry Heroine (Halo Of Gold)"
"Givin' Up Things"
"If I'm Good"
"You Know"
"I Think You And I"

Don't forget! Next week is KUSF's 35th Anniversary!

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