KUSF In Exile 04.15.12 4-6 PM Nobody Cares DJ Nobody

Showtunes. Balkan. Noise rock. Drum and Bass. 60s Psychadelic. What do these genres have in common? Nothing. That's why Nobody plays them back to back! Join dj Nobody every Sunday from 4-6 pm (PST) to hear quirky news, entertaining musical selections and live interviews, only on KUSF in Exile. 'Nobody Cares' ... take it however you want.

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Luke Abbott: Brazil (Gold Panda Remix)
Otis Clay: You Can't Keep Running from my Love (Trying to Live my Life without You)
Monophonics: Goliath
Infinite: One Nine 75
Jethro Tull: Locomotive Breath (Greatest Hits)
Riptides: Machine Gun
Devo: Snowball (Freedom of Choice)
Santo and Johnny: Sleepwalk
Kraken aka Stakka & Skynet: Side Effects
Spoons: Nova Heart (Nova Heart 12" double sided single)
Vivian Girls: I Heard You Say
Deerhoof: Behold a Marvel in the Darkness (Deerhoof vs. Evil)
Owl Johnson, Ensemble, Little Red Riding Hood, Elmer Moose, Nick O'Teen, Sniffles, Cookie, Frank, Bingo and Al: Musical Moments (That's All Folks! Cartoon Songs from Merrie Melodies and Looney Tunes)
Grape Jam, aka Moby Grape: Marmalade (s/t)
Rebel Diaz: Contradictionz (Desde el Lago Hasta el Mar mixtape)
Junk Culture: Cozy Only (Summer Friends)
Simon and Garfunkel: Patterns (Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme)
Miles Davis: Meaning of the Blues (19 + Miles Ahead, direction by Gil Evans)
Jonti: Batmilk (Twirligig)
Heart: White Lightning and Wine (Dreamboat Annie)
Tom Waits: Big Joe and Phantom 309 (Nighthawks at the Diner)
The Welcome Matt: Wake Me Up in San Francisco
Alabaster Choad: Godass (Crash of the Limburger on Bebusland)
Levni Yilmaz: Depressing (Tales of Mere Existence)
Lightning Bolt: On Fire (Wonderful Rainbow)
Moon Duo: In the Trees (Escape)
Boots Randolph: After You've Gone (Yakety Sax)
Kings of Convenience: Weight of my Words (remix w/Fourtet)

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