KUSF In Exile 04.07.12 3-8 AM Defeat Sleep John Boyle Live Set DJ Cactus

Defeat Sleep began radio operations in 2000, and is heard every Saturday morning on KUSF in Exile from 3am-8am (pst). Defeat Sleep is entirely free-form and often features live performances and guest hosts. The co-producers are Cactus Daniel Hintz and Bryan Chandler. Email feedback to danielhintz64@gmail.com

1st Three Hours

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John Boyle Live Set

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2nd Two Hours

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1. Thomas Koner
2. The Big Sounds of the Drags
3. Eddie Lang
4. Headboggle
5. John Boyle (live set)
6. Ornette Coleman
7. Neung Phak
8. Rafael Toral

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