KUSF In Exile 04.05.12 6-9 AM Ghost Light Grammer School DJ Fillbee

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Ghost Light Grammar School (Music) with Fillbee 04/05/2012 06:00AM to 09:00AM

06:00AM Cheap Trick "Hello There" from "In Color" (LP, Album, Private, 1977) on Epic
06:03AM Judi Sheppard Missett "Sweet Nothin’s" from "Jazzercise"
06:06AM Dewey Bergman "Aries - The Ram" from "Your Horoscope In Music" (LP, Album, Private)
06:09AM The Incomparables "Birthday" from "The Incomparables" (LP, Album, Private)
06:12AM Simon & Garfunkel "Save The Life Of My Child" from "Bookends" (CD, Album, Private, 1966) on Columbia (USA)
06:14AM Shins "Port Of Morrow" from "Port of Morrow"
06:17AM John Fred And His Playboy Band "Judy In Disguise" from "Drugstore Cowboy Soundtrack"
06:20AM Dr. Teeth & The Electric Mayhem "Can You Picture That?" from "The Muppet Movie Soundtrack"
06:23AM Tom Waits "Jockey Full Of Bourbon" from "Down By Law Soundtrack"
06:26AM Stu Phillips "Ampersand" from "Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls Soundtrack"
06:29AM Bobby Brown "On Our Own" from "Ghostbusters II [SOUNDTRACK]" (CD, Album, Private, 1989) on MCA
06:32AM Shirley Bassey "LIGHT MY FIRE" from "Bassey - The EMI/UA Years 1959-1979" (1994) on EMI UK
06:36AM The Knaves "Your Stuff" from "Leave Me Alone!" (Rock, 2001) on Sundazed Music
06:38AM The Young "Livin’ Free" from "Dub Egg"
06:41AM Second Hand "A Fairy Tale" from "REALITY" (2011) on Start Entertainments Limited
06:44AM The Breeders "Overglazed" from "Mountain Battles" (CD, Album, Private, 2007) on 4AD
06:47AM The Vaselines "SON OF A GUN" from "ENTER THE VASELINES" (CD, Album, Rock, 2009) on Traffic Inc.
06:50AM Balkan Beat Box "MONEY" from "Give"
06:53AM Rockduster "Rockduster" from "WEBN Album Project Vol. 4"
06:56AM Dang Head "Mary & The Goats" from "Nounsville" (CD, Private)
06:59AM Jim Steinman & Andrew Lloyd Webber "A Kiss Is A Terrible Thing To Waste" from "Whistle Down The Wind Cast Recording"
07:02AM The Zombies "Friends of Mine" from "Odessey and Oracle" (CD, Album, Rock, 1968) on Marquis Enterprises Ltd
07:05AM The Stone Roses "Standing Here" from "Turns Into Stone" (Rock, 1992) on Silvertone
07:10AM Polish Dance Party "Green Meadows" from "Polish Dance Party"
07:13AM The Proclaimers "Throw The 'R' Away" from "This Is The Story" (Rock, 1987) on Chrysalis UK
07:16AM Willis Earl Beal "Ghost Robot" from "Acoustmatic Sorcery"
07:19AM THE BEACH BOYS "Vega-Tables (Demo)" from "The Smile Sessions" (2011) on Capitol Catalog
07:21AM Pete Ham "No Matter What" from "7 Park Avenue"
07:24AM Tall Dwarfs "Sign the Dotted Line" from "Weeville" (Rock, 1990) on WM New Zealand
07:26AM Freddie Paris "Face It Boy" from "Face It Boy"
07:29AM Black Dice "Pigs" from "Mr. Impossible"
07:32AM King Missile "Sensitive Artist" from "Mystical Shit / Fluting On the Hump" (2004) on Instinct Records
07:35AM Madness "Bed & Breakfast Man" from "One Step Beyond..." (Rock, 1979) on Rhino/Warner Bros.
07:37AM Camper Van Beethoven "(Don't You Go To) Goleta" from "II & III (Bonus Track Version)" (1987) on Cooking Vinyl
07:39AM Sparks "Angst In My Pants" from "Angst In My Pants" (CD, Album, Private, 1982) on Lil' Beethoven
07:42AM Billy Joel "Goodnight Siagon" from "The Nylon Curtain"
07:45AM Buckner & Garcia "Defender" from "Pac-Man Fever" (LP, Album, Private, 2010) on F2K
07:48AM Rita Marley "PIED PIPER" from "Club Ska '67" (Reggae, 2011) on Master Classics Records
07:50AM Chubby Parker & His Old Time Banjo "King Kong Kitchie Kitchie Ki-Me-O" from "American Folk Music" (2008) on Master Classics Records
07:54AM Tim Feleppa "Adventure" from "Tim" (CD, Album, Private)
07:57AM Adam & The Ants "Antmusic" from "Kings of the Wild Frontier" (1980) on Columbia (USA)
08:00AM Dead Moon "Psychdelic Nightmare" from "Echos of the Past" (CD, Album, Private, 2006) on Sub Pop
08:03AM Tony Perkins "Moon-Light Swim" from "The Prettiest Girl In School" (Jazz, 2008) on El Records
08:06AM Mr. Freddie "Let's Go Riding" from "Ghost World Soundtrack" (2008) on DeePee Records
08:09AM The Fixx "Lose Face" from "Phantoms"

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