KUSF In Exile 04.02.12 6-Noon DJ Jennifer Marie Joyce

1st Three Hours

iPhone and iPad Player

2nd Three Hours

iPhone and iPad Player

::: The Vortex :: A Swirling Mass of Cooperative Components :::

Mark Hollis : The Colour of Spring

Burial : Etched Headplate

Mogwai : Take Me Somewhere Nice

Abraham-Hicks : Spring Loaded

Radiohead : Reckoner (Instrumental)

Depeche Mode : Clean (Acoustic)

Gus Gus : Don't Hide What You Feel

Wumscut : Our Fatal Longing

Idaho : Fall Around

Eels : The Medication is Wearing Off

Dum Dum Girls : Coming Down

Low : Fearless (Pink Floyd cover)

The Magnetic Fields : Long Forgotten Fairytale

Blackbird Blackbird : Summer Heart

Foetus : First and Last and Always

Lil Wayne : I Feel Like Dying

The Magnetic Fields : Chicken With it's Head Cut Off

Tears for Fears : Ideas as Opiates

Y Pants : Favorite Sweater

Maurice Chevalier : Louise

They Might Be Giants : Au Contraire

Girls Against Boys : Super-Fire

KLF : 3AM Eternal

Hannah Peel : Tainted Love

Mirah : Special Death

Rocky Horror Picture Show (original stage cast) : Over at the Frankenstein Place
Sweet Transvesite
Snap : The Power

Blackalicious : Sleep

Loop : Straight to Your Heart

Steve Allen : How to Think

Alice in Chains : Them Bones
Dam That River
Rain When I Die
Sick Man

Nina Hagen : Born in Xixax

Depeche Mode : Walking in My Shoes

Boris : Farewell

Justice : Phantom

Iggy Pop : 5 Foot One

Emerson, Lake & Palmer : Tocatta

Alien Sex Fiend : Zero Sex

Beatles : You Won't See Me

Police : Driven to Tears

The The : Love is Stronger Than Death

Lil Wayne : I Feel Like Dying

Kraftwerk : Music Non-Stop

Love and Rockets : Haunted When the Minutes Drag

Seven Storey Mountain : Where Were You

This Mortal Coil : Song to the Siren

Grimes : Circumambient

A Number of Names : Sharevari

The Dandy Worhols : You Were the Last High

The Rakes : Little Superstitions

Justice : Stress

Funkadelic : Good to Your Earhole

Failure : Dirty Blue Balloons

Sleigh Bells : Infinity Guitars

Tune-Yards : Synonynonym

Gus Gus : Lust

David Sylvian & Robert Fripp : Darshan

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