KUSF In Exile 04.01.12 10-Midnight PM Caught Up DJ The Chair

iPhone and iPad Player

Caught UP! with The Chair
KUSF-In-Exile Sunday 10 PM-Midnight
April 1 2012

Life Goes On- Faith Hope & Charity
Moment Of My Life- Inner City
Get Down Saturday Night- Oliver Cheatham
Padlock- Gwen Guthrie
Tell Me That I’m Dreaming- Was Not Was
Mini Cultcha- Mo Kolours (Beautiful Swimmers remix)
I Wanna Rock You- Georgio
I Dig You- Demis Roussos (Todd Terje re-edit)
Flight To Jamaica- Crashers
See Line Woman- Nina Simone
He’s A Superstar- Roy Ayers
Little Red Corvette- Prince
Kindrid- Burial

Souvenirs- Voyage
Panic- French Kiss
Bostitch- Yello
Amoreuse- Rework
You Did Cut Me- China Crisis
Do It Good- A Taste Of Honey (Anthony Mansfield re-edit)
Fashion- Bowie
Schwerelos- Thomas Fehlman
Music Takes Me Up- Alice Russell & Mr. Scruff
Liquid Insects- Amorphous Androgynous
Bugg’n- TNGHT

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