KUSF In Exile 03.30.12 10-Midnight Friday Night Sessions DJ Andrew Jervis and Cez

The Friday Night Session airs a vibrant selection of globally-sourced electronic music that jumps the lines between new/unreleased and vintage. Co-hosts Tomas and Cez join Andrew Jervis in a weekly adventure into  house, hip hop, down-tempo, dubstep, disco, soul, jazz, rare groove, dub, Afrobeat, Brazilian, funk, and beyond. The show airs between 10 p.m. and 12 midnight on Fridays. Archived shows and playlists can be found at www.thesportofselection.com

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The Friday Night Session for March 30th 2012
Hosted by Andrew Jervis
Special Guests: Gilles Peterson (BBC Radio 6) and Djouls (Paris DJs)

1. Dana Buoy - Untitled 1(Lefse)
2. U.S. Aries - Are You Ready To Come?(Chocolate Industries)
3. ROB - But You (Soundway)
4. The Funkees - Ole (Soundway)
5. THEESatisfaction -God (Subpop)
6. CeU - Asfalto e Sal (Six Degrees)
7. Claudette - Carolina, Carol Bela (Phiiips)
8. Stereo 77 - Mi Camino (Plimsoll Records)
9. Kid Loc0 - My Daddy Waza (Bastard Jazz)
10. Haku - Haku - Rugo (Use of Weapons)
Gilles Peterson interview
11. Arthur Adams - I Can't Believe My Eyes (Blue Thumb)
12. Adrian Younge vs. Adrian Quesada - Last Word (Ubiquity)
13. Donnie & Joe Emerson - Give Me The Chance (Enterprise and Co)
DJouls Paris DJs Mix
14. Lee Fields - Sunny (Live at UCLA Jazz & Reggae Festival)
15. Quantic & Alice Russell With The Combo Bárbaro - Su Suzy (Tru Thoughts)
16. Gizzelle - Pretty Good Love feat. Alex Vargas (Wild Records)
17. Chicha Libre - The Ride of the Valkyries (Barbès Records)
18. Carl "Sherlock" Holmes - Black Bag (Tramp Records)
19. Niles Philips - Ill at Ease feat. Tonkin (Timewarp)
20. Marvin Gaye - What's Going On (Beta Hector Re-Edit)
21. Calibro 35 - Il Pacco (Brooklyn Records)
22. Les Frères Smith - Zil Zil (Contaminacion) (Comet Records)
23. Grant Phabao - Itchin' For Your Love feat. Afrodyete (Paris DJs)
24. The Bombay Royale - The Perfect Plan (HopeStreet Recordings)
25. The Cactus Channel - Emanuel Ciccolini (HopeStreet Recordings)
26. Colo - You're Mine (West In Dust)

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